Ep #112: Milestone Results in Action – A Conversation with Current Clients

Get Six Figure Job You Love Natalie Fisher | Milestone Results in Action – A Conversation with Current Clients


Today, I’m bringing you something a little bit different. We have new people coming into my program, The Six-Figure Curriculum, all the time, so I’ve got two clients on the show who are currently inside my program right now, so you can hear what it’s really like in there, what they have to say, and the progress they’ve made toward milestone results they’re trying to achieve.


If you’ve been a listener here for a while and you love the information but you’re struggling to apply it in pursuit of your goals, this episode is for you. I’m speaking with two current clients who were in the same place, even using the techniques from the podcast in interviews and in pursuit of their premium offer, but they still felt something was missing, and that’s when they decided to join.


Tune in this week to hear from two in-process clients about what their milestone results look like in action. They’re sharing why joining a program like this seemed out of reach when they first became interested, but now they’ve made the investment and started working with me, they don’t have any regrets.



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What You’ll Learn from this Episode:


  • Where these two clients were in their search for a premium role when they came to me for coaching.
  • How women are told that they shouldn’t be investing in themselves and should spend their money elsewhere.
  • Why investing in yourself is indirectly benefitting everyone in your life.
  • How these clients’ lives in general have improved since joining the program.
  • The power of being in a container where we practice intentionality every day.
  • What my clients are working towards while they’re in the program.
  • How these amazing clients are showing up for themselves and their advice to anyone listening who is struggling with self-doubt.

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