Ep #115: Whole Interviewing 2.0

Get Six Figure Job You Love Natalie Fisher | Whole Interviewing 2.0


Today’s episode is the second installment of my four-day training, and it’s actually a topic we’ve discussed on the podcast before: Whole Interviewing. However, it’s been a minute since I last taught this concept, the way I present it has changed, and the feedback from the people on the live call brings a new angle altogether.


While interviewing, so many people overprepare, stress about not knowing every single answer to every possible question, and the hiring manager never gets to really see the person behind all of this nervousness. If this sounds like a familiar experience, this episode is exactly what you need to hear.


Tune in this week to discover a way of interviewing that feels lighter and allows you to enjoy being yourself, so you can have a new experience of the interviewing process. I’m sharing how your current approach to preparing for interviews is holding you back, and why getting rejected is totally fine, as long as you showed up as your whole self.


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What You’ll Learn from this Episode:


  • Why being frustrated and confused is the first step toward having a major breakthrough.
  • Some possible reasons why you’re not landing the roles you’re looking for.
  • The thoughts you’re stuck in when you’re experiencing low belief in yourself.
  • How so many people become paralyzed by fear when they have an interview coming up.
  • The problem with overpreparing or scripting yourself for interviews.
  • What will change for you when you start interviewing as your whole self.
  • The reasons why being rejected for being your whole self should never be a disappointment.
  • How to start preparing and interviewing as your whole self.
  • Why people-pleasing in an interview is always a turn-off for your potential employer.

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