5 Little Changes That Will Empower YOU In Your Job Search


5 Little Changes That Will Empower YOU In Your Job Search


1. Turn the tables.


We have been taught that the employer has all the power, and the job seeker is ‘lucky to be considered.’

What if that wasn’t the case at all?

The only reason we think it is, is because that’s how our society has evolved the job search process. The truth is that the employer is ‘lucky to have good people interested in meeting’ with them. I worked for a company that totally got this right.

They shifted the perspective to ‘We really want to impress this candidate’ With that mind-set we did things different. We made sure we made the candidate feel good, we showed him/her around and our goal was to have them saying “I want to work for that company”, and get them excited about us.

Not the other way around. You as a candidate should know your worth and you shouldn’t sell yourself short just because you’re in the position where you want to move jobs or you need a job.



2. They need something that they don’t have.


The reason the company has an opening in the first place is because they Need something that they don’t have.They need help.


When someone needs help they are in the less powerful position. If you’re the person that can help them. They’re lucky to have you giving you their time.

If the company didn’t need help with an area of expertise they did not have available, they wouldn’t have budget to hire and they wouldn’t be interviewing people.

Simple as that. THEY Need YOUR help. Don’t forget that when you go in for an interview.

The only reason that interview came about was because THEY needed something FROM YOU. Not the other way around.



3. Price yourself like a house


Have you researched the market value for your position?

Have you spoken to others about how much your role is going for in the industry?

You’ll want to put yourself at the higher end of the range, if you’ve got what they need even if you’ve got the potential, you can negotiate for performance/salary reviews sooner I.E. 3 months vs. 6 months or 1 year etc.

You’ll want to know your value, be confident about it and you’ll want to stick with that throughout your interactions. Never let anyone undercut you even if they say things like ‘we don’t have budget for that’ or ‘no other employee makes that kind of salary here’ or ‘we’ve never paid anyone that much’.

That’s not the point. The point is you are worth what you’re worth. If you take too much less than you believe your worth, you’ll be back at square one soon enough anyways as you know your heart won’t be happy.

So stick on point, know your worth. You’re being interviewed for a reason.


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4. Your stories make you unique.


Memorable stories are the ticket in interviews. Even on resumes you’re a person, you are made up of stories not keywords.

If you are the kind of person that has a bunch of buzzwords on your resume for example things like: Results oriented professional with a bottom line orientation, or team player, great oral and written communicator.

If you were to go into an interview and say those things you wouldn’t register as a human being. So tell your stories, tell the story about how you calmed down an angry customer, tell it in all its glory!

Tell the story about how you disagreed with your boss and how you were able to get him or her to see your side and maybe even change what was going on.

You know the stories I mean, everyone’s got some good ones, so don’t tell me you don’t. I know you do!



5. Turn the tables on everything (in your head to start with.)


For example: if they ask you: What’s your 5 year plan? Maybe you think that that’s fine… and they can ask you that.

You’ll answer to the best of your ability, but what if you said to yourself… that you need to be impressed or satisfied with the company’s 5 year plan before you accept an offer with them. That’s just as fair too right?

You want to know that if you commit to this company that they’re going to still be in business in 5 years right? Honestly I’m not sure why they ask you what your plans are in 5 years even before they’ve committed to hiring you.

Your 5 year plan probably would change depending on how that very interview goes. Not a great question in my opinion.


When you’re feeling depressed and overwhelmed and frustrated and borderline depressed because no one is getting back to you.

Consider that it’s the process that’s broken. NOT you. Reach out to me for some extra motivation if you feel so inclined, I’m always happy to help and I promise not to just tell you that ‘it’s going to be ok.’

I know that won’t help. You need a clear path from A to B to feel like you’ve got process. That’s what I do. I’ve gotten countless people from A to B and these shifts have made all the difference along the way!





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In this guide you’ll learn:


  • How to identify the questions they’re really asking you (things are not always as they appear).


  • How to tell captivating stories that trigger the interviewer to remember you above all other candidates.


  • How to proactively identify an interviewer’s concerns, even when they don’t voice them out a loud.


  • How to steer the interview in the direction you want it to go.


  • What I say at the end of the interview to wrap it up and seal the deal.


Do you know one person who could benefit from the information in this post? If so, do your friend a favour and share this info with him/her.


And remember, the current system isn’t perfect, but you can outsmart it. I’m here to prove to you that you do have what it takes.


I’ll see you next time and I can’t wait!


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