Ep #199: How to Talk to Your Fear & Doubt for Best Results

Get Six Figure Job You Love and Thrive Natalie Fisher | How to Talk to Your Fear & Doubt for Best Results

When you’re going after new opportunities in your career, feelings of fear and doubt are inevitable. However, you can change the way you engage with and talk to your fear and doubt, so you can create amazing results in your career.


The higher part of your brain is where creativity and confidence come from. It can look into the future and create something new. Your fear and doubt are coming from the lower part of your brain. When you fully understand these different parts of your brain and how they’re creating your experience of life, you can start going after what you really want with ease and confidence.


Tune in this week to get a new level of clarity around what’s going on in your brain when fear and doubt come up for you. I share why managing your fear and doubt is a skill we can all learn, and you’ll learn how to start listening to the voice of wisdom in your brain, instead of the voices of fear and doubt.



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What You’ll Learn from this Episode:


  • What’s going on in your brain when you start feeling fear and doubt.
  • Why some fear and doubt are actually healthy and the goal isn’t to never feel fear or doubt.
  • How you might be prioritizing your fear and doubt over the confidence and creativity of your higher brain.
  • My own breakthrough that helped me process and deal with my fear and doubt.
  • The importance of acknowledging and talking to your fear and doubt.
  • How to stop your fear and doubt from dictating how you live your life.
  • The power of engaging your higher brain as you get creative and make plans for your future.


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