Help! Why Can’t I Take Action In My Career?

Help! Why Can't I Take Action In My Career?

Help! Why Can’t I Take Action In My Career?


Have you ever said, “I know what I need to do, but it’s just a matter of doing it,” but you keep struggling with getting yourself to do the things you know you need to do?

In this post, I’ll explain why that is, and I’m going to give you a formula that’s going to help you see exactly how to change it.

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The reason why you’re not doing the things you want to do, the things you know you need to get yourself to do to get your results, is because of the way you feel.

It all comes down to the way you feel.

For example, if I want to get myself to create a new YouTube video every week, but I just can’t seem to get myself to do it, the reason is because of how I feel and how I’m thinking about it in my head.

One of my clients couldn’t get herself to reach out to her old acquaintances, or her college alumni, even though she knew she needed to be doing this to get her dream job, but she couldn’t get herself to do it.

The reason why I wouldn’t be able to get myself to make videos and she couldn’t get herself to reach out to people is because of how we’re thinking about these things in our head.


Your thoughts create your feelings, so your thinking creates your results.


There’s always a way to think about any task and to get any result you want by thinking about something in a certain way.

There is always a way to think about it that will get you the results you want.

I’ve been making these videos now for three years, weekly, without fail, and the reason why I can do that is that I consciously think things like this: “I’m so excited to share this information with people who really need it. I love getting the emails coming in and telling me how one of my videos has made a difference for somebody, or it’s changed the way that someone did something, and they got a different result because of something they heard me say.”

In the beginning, my thoughts were different, but those are some thoughts now that will get me to keep doing this.

For example: My client needed to change the way that she was thinking about reaching out to her acquaintances.

She reframed her thoughts to think something like this: “I’m interested to see what these people are up to. It’s been a really long time since I connected with them. I’m curious. I’m curious to know how some of them have achieved what they have.”

She said to me that my templates had helped her.

Inside my program, we have all the templates that you’d need to reach out to anybody, and she’s like, “Yeah, so it’s just going to be copied and paste and it’ll be a lot easier than if I had to figure this out myself.”

She’s like, “It’ll be quick, just 20 minutes and I’ll just send off the emails.”

Those thoughts moved her forward, and she had a proven way to do it. This is how she was able to get herself moving towards her goal.

Instead, she was thinking things like “This is a grueling task, this is going to take me forever,” and then it would never get done.


The first thing to do is recognize the sentences in your head that are getting in the way of you doing what you know you need to do.


And the sentences in your head, they can be sneaky and they can show up in different ways for you. But really they’re poison.

They can be sneaky and they can be very, very logical, but what they do is they feed procrastination.

This is what some of those sentences sound like: “Oh, but it’s so much work.” “Oh, but I don’t know what to say.” “Oh, but I don’t know how to do it.” “Oh, but I don’t have their contact info.” “Oh, but they probably won’t reply anyway.” “Oh, they’re probably too busy.”


A good indication of what your thinking is how you feel.


To say this sentence in your head and see how that makes you feel.

When you think it’s so much work, how does that feel?

It feels heavy. It feels like you don’t want to do it, of course, you don’t want to do it.

Versus when you think, “This is the way to my dream job. This is the work I need to do.”

How does that feel? “This is a proven process for my dream job.”

That’s the way you get yourself to take action is you choose different thoughts. You choose thoughts that make it feel less overwhelming, less heavy, and it puts less pressure on you.

Another thought that doesn’t help people is they need to get things perfect.

They’re like, “Oh, but I don’t know how to do it. I have to have it perfect.”

I recommend 70% perfect is perfect. 100% perfect is a failure because it normally means it’s never going to get done because having something 100% perfect is very rare.


If you’re having trouble taking action, it’s because you’re thinking thoughts that aren’t working for you.


If you’re thinking thoughts that are not working for you, the first thing is to recognize those thoughts, see the sentences in your head, recognize how they’re making you feel, and then change them.

Try some new ones on, see what does make you want to take action.

See what makes you feel motivated and actually drives you to want to go sit down at that computer and message that person.


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