Ep #56: How to Creatively Network Your Way to 3 Job Offers

The Get a Six Figure Job You Love Podcast with Natalie Fisher | How to Creatively Network Your Way to 3 Job Offers

So many people feel uncomfortable with networking, and even the word itself can make people feel uneasy. But contrary to what a lot of people think, networking is not begging somebody for a job, and it doesn’t have to be so daunting. It can actually be enjoyable.


There are thousands of people you can talk to in your industry, but if you don’t explore networking as an avenue, you are limiting yourself and your opportunities. When you change your mindset around networking, you show up in a different way, so this week, I’m offering an alternative way to start looking at connecting with people.


In this two-part episode, I’m showing you how to overcome limiting beliefs and get creative with the way you approach networking. You’ll hear from one of my clients who overcame her limiting beliefs to achieve 3 job offers in the space of a week through this process, and how she now views networking as fun. If what you’re doing right now isn’t working, you’re not stuck. Listen to this episode and learn how to make the shifts to get to where you want to go.


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What You’ll Learn from this Episode:


  • Why there are abundant opportunities if you allow yourself to be open to them.
  • How to make the necessary changes to get different results.
  • What you need to get creative about networking.
  • How to be open and willing to meeting new people.
  • My client’s advice for anybody who is hesitant about networking.
  • The one thought that really helped my client move forward.
  • Why you are doing yourself a disservice by not networking.


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You are listening to the Get a 6-Figure Job You Love podcast. This is episode 56, How To Creatively Network Your Way to Three Job Offers. So this is a two-part episode. I’m going to talk about networking and some limiting beliefs that a lot of people have around it. Then the second part is going to be one of my successful clients talking about her experience, how she got creative and how she was able to achieve three job offers through this process.
Hey, there. Welcome to the Get a 6-Figure Job You Love podcast. I’m your host, Natalie Fisher. I’m a certified career mindset coach who also happens to want to skip all the BS and get to what it really takes to create real results for you and your career. On this podcast, you will create real mindset shifts that will lead to big results and big changes in your career and your income. No flop here. If you want to get a six-figure job you love and create real concrete results in your industry and make a real impact, you’re in the right place. Are you ready? Let’s go.
So very timely today, I’m going to be talking about networking and in just a few minutes, I’m going to bring on my client who’s going to talk to you about how she embraced the journey of networking, how she did it really creatively and successfully, and how she was able to do that. So the problem that we have is our attitude towards networking and even the word networking can sometimes be a dirty word. It means whatever it means to you can stop you from actually wanting to go out and do it because it doesn’t sound like fun, right?
And our thoughts around it are normally something like this, let me know if you can resonate. It’s just not going to work. It doesn’t work. I’ve talked to a few people and it doesn’t work, or they’re just going to think that I want a job from them. They’re not going to want to talk to me. They’re really busy. I don’t want to bother people. I shouldn’t need to ask for help, I should be able to do this myself. It feels weird to be reaching out to random people or strangers. They’re just going to think I want something from them and it’s very uncomfortable, and I don’t want to do it and it’s just not my thing and I don’t do it.
So I’ve heard it all before. Let me just say you don’t have to. You do not have to embrace networking. But then what I hear is people saying, “But I know it’s the best way. I keep hearing that it’s the absolute most highest success rate. People get jobs through networking, 80%, 20%. The stats are going to be different depending on what survey is done, but yes of course, lots of people get jobs through networking more so than through job ads and through job boards.” And the reason is because when you’re networking, you’re not competing with all the people that applied for the one job.
So then you know this, you’re like, “Yeah, I know it’s supposed to work, but I just don’t do it. It’s just not my thing. I’m just not extroverted.” Whatever it is you’re telling yourself, you have a limiting belief that’s stopping you from actually doing it. So why we think this is because we’re fearful. We don’t want to put ourselves out there. We want instant gratifications. We want the job offer now, and we just don’t see how this is going to lead to that job offer now. We’re like, “Yeah, I just really don’t think it’s going to work.” Or I’ve had people say, “I’ve talked to a few people and they just haven’t helped me or nobody can help me,” or you have another limiting belief that stops you from thinking or that keeps you from reaching out to people and sharing your story in the right way or connecting, or asking the right questions, right?
So how we try to cope with it is we don’t do it. We tell ourselves the things like, “I’m an introvert. I just don’t do it. We avoid it.” Then we complain about applying for jobs and the fact that doing that alone isn’t working. Then sometimes we can get into blaming like, “Oh, the hiring managers aren’t being fair. I’m not getting a fair chance. I just can’t get interviews. It’s not my fault.” Then you’re coming into victim mentality, because you’re not in control of directly the hiring managers. When you apply for jobs online, you are competing with potentially hundreds of people, right?
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So why it doesn’t work is because you are limiting your opportunities by not exploring networking as an avenue by not being open to it. Then what’s ultimately great is you are fueling a scarcity mentality, because if you’re just applying for jobs on the boards, you’re not getting much response, you’re not having much success, you believe that’s all that’s available, that’s your only option, that’s the only way you can do it, you’re fueling a scarcity mindset, because the truth is there’s thousands of people you could talk to in your industry, thousands of people on LinkedIn who are happy to connect with you, but when you’re not willing to put yourself out there and take the steps to do that, then you’re limiting yourself, you’re limiting your opportunities, and you’re fueling that scarcity mindset.
So what I want to offer you today and with this conversation with my client is an alternative solution, an alternative way to start looking at connecting with people. And you’ll notice if you listen to the client successes that they all have really positive thoughts now about networking. They think it’s fun, they think it’s connecting with friends. One of my clients put it really well, she’s like, “We’re just all friends. We don’t know each other yet.” If you’re not my friend, you’re just not going to respond, right? And that’s fine, not everybody will.
So the alternative solution is opening up to doing something different and maybe slowly opening up to it being like, “Okay, maybe I could be missing something here. Maybe this is the right way to go. Maybe I haven’t really given it a chance. Maybe I need to go all in on it and embracing it.” Because you’ll listen to all the people that I worked with and it works for them, because they created the beliefs and then they got their creativity, and then they were supporting themselves and the belief that it worked and that it did work. So why it will work is because when you’re showing up, when you change your mind frame about networking, you are able to show up in a completely different way and then you’ll start to see all the benefits of it, and you’ll start to love it, and you’ll start to be like, “Why didn’t I do this before?”
You’ll start to get creative like my client did. She talks about creativity that she cultivated during our work together and all the ideas she came up with and how she was able to reach out to people, her attitude going into these things and how that resulted in three job offers. So getting creative and in your flow with this is how I’m supposed to be doing it or this is a way I could do it that I haven’t tried yet, or I haven’t gone all in on. I haven’t really given that much of an opportunity to.
So what you’re going to need to make this work is you’re going to need to be open, curious and coachable. Then the results that you’re going to be able to create are connections, lifelong connections, interviews, job offers, you’re going to gather a ton of information from the people you speak to. You’re going to gain confidence because you’re going to have more information about the industry and about what’s happening. You’re going to be more engaged, because you’re going to have stuff going on in your job search so you’ll have conversations going on, and you’ll feel like you’re part of something. You’re going to have creative ways of networking coming to you. You’re going to have a network of people that you’re going to be able to reach back out to if you’re looking for a job in the future.
You’re going to have people who are going to reach out to you and say, “Hey, can you help me? I know we spoke awhile back and I see you’re working now in this organization and I’d love to have a chat with you now.” So you’re going to experience that reciprocity and you’re going to realize that it can be fun and that there are abundant opportunities if you allow yourself to find them, be open to them and explore them. And inside my mastermind, we have scripts, templates, all the questions to ask, how to reach out to people, how to conduct that conversation so that all guess work is removed and how to have these conversations effectively so that you can be confident and having that fun and engaged by while you’re networking. Because if you don’t know where to start, I totally get it, my clients didn’t either.
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So imagine that this episode here is just a taste of that. So if you want some help applying that work, you can go ahead and apply for my mastermind at www.nataliefisher.ca and you can go to Work With Me and the six-figure Curriculum tab. It will tell you everything you need to know.
Today, we’re going to have my client on. And without further ado, she’s going to share basically everything that I just told you, but she’s going to solidify it as a proven case study of how it has worked so well for her and how she was able to achieve these results even when she didn’t have the belief to start with, how she changed those beliefs and ultimately was able to get to where she is today. Without further ado, here is the interview.
A lot of people have been telling me about their challenges with networking and their limiting beliefs around networking. My guest today, she’s really mastered this, she’s really embraced it and she’s had success with it. So if you’d like to go ahead, please let us know what you’d like us to know about you and we’ll start talking about where you were when we first started working together.
Hi, Natalie. Thanks for having me on.
Thank you.
I’m really excited to talk about networking, because I really do feel that it was something that I did not own before, and it is something that really was underestimated and it shouldn’t be. So I’ll start just by giving you guys a brief synopsis of my situation. I’ve been working for an organization for quite some time in the government sector. I was also pursuing my professional accreditations in law. I had many roles, and I leveraged my law degree as much as I could, I was on so many projects, I work with so many great people and I made great connections, but then I did hit a plateau and I finally pushed myself to get my equivalencies, and I’m now qualified or in my jurisdiction.
I thought because of my past work experience that it would be very easy for me to transition into a lawyer role in my organization. So that actually wasn’t true. So I had many challenges beyond my control with the organization and so that’s why I pushed myself to search outside the government. So I really pushed myself to go more into the private sector. I felt really suck. I really didn’t know where to start, so I thought it would be a lot easier than it was, because it just wasn’t working out. And it was also during the pandemic.
I wasn’t able to maybe traditionally network in the way that I thought one was supposed to. I did start going on LinkedIn for that reason just craving some, I don’t know, some guidance. I suppose, I guess I didn’t know that I was at that time. Then I did actually come across Natalie and one of her posts really grabbed my attention and it just felt like an excellent time to connect with her. I’m working with Natalie for about three months. We really honed in on some gaps that I had and that networking was one of them that I was so reluctant to do.
I actually had three job offers all in the same timeframe within a week. I ultimately decided to stay with my organization and I’m really happy to be in the role that I am.
So amazing. Yeah.
Thank you.
This is from somebody who’s really smart, really accomplished and still just not seeing some things to get you to the next level. So for those listening, it’s not you, it’s just some shifts that you need to make and I’m excited to get into those today, especially around the networking piece, because a lot of my listeners have said, “I don’t want to network. I feel like it’s weird to network. I don’t want to use people as connections. They’re just going to think this and that and the other about me.” So I wanted to ask you, what new beliefs did you feel like you had to take on during our work together to really embrace the process?
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I think I was looking at it as it was a big not time waster, but I never aligned my networking with people for me to have any job prospects. Like I said, I made excellent connections with my organization, because I was there for so long, but I made them organically and I didn’t think of using it for any other reason for just that current work relationship but then working with you and then just dwelling into seeing how networking was working for me, because I did start really slow and steady. I was really reluctant. I didn’t want to do that.
I was actually pleasantly surprised that people that did want to talk about my situation were want to even have to talk to me about it and that doing that really helped me practice and align myself with networking in terms of how I can actually make it help me with job prospects or just being creative in my job approach, or maybe putting something like a buzz word that I would’ve gotten from networking through in a job cover letter or an email with someone else.
It was really interesting. It came organically. Like I said, well, working with you of course through our journey together, was I able to say I started to find that that was a connection. Writing better emails, or writing even intros to people on LinkedIn, just getting myself in that mind frame. I was knocking on doors and I didn’t know which door. I didn’t actually really know what was the right door, but I think if you come across sincerely and honestly, I think it goes a long way, and I think that’s how I came across.
I wasn’t begging anyone for job. I think that’s how I looked at networking in the past, and that’s not what it is.
Yeah. I’m so glad you touched on that, because that is what a lot of people believe. They’re like, “If I reach out to someone, they’re just going to think I’m basically just wanting a job from them.” So how did you overcome that? How did you switch it when you reached out to somebody, what were your thoughts after when you switched your beliefs?
I guess it’s just like I said, just practicing working with someone and then going on that in terms of saying, “Is that helping me align with my goal? Do I see myself at this organization? Do I see myself doing this kind of work?” And because I really went at it as like I’m talking to someone, seeing actually how they like the organization and what they’re doing, I felt like a lot of times people really did respond well to that, because they do like talking about what they do most of the time. People really did find me sincere.
So I was vulnerable. I did put myself out there. I did tell them about myself, and I think a lot of people did … They took kindly to that. I’m not saying everyone helped me. No, they didn’t. Maybe some people weren’t even in the position to help me, but maybe just to hear me out, I think because I did put myself out there in a vulnerable way, I think sincerely anyways. I wasn’t trying to come across vulnerable, but you do have to sort of put yourself, you do not sort of, you do have to put yourself out there and you have to not make it such a tore.
I think if you feel that vibe from someone that they may be someone that you want to connect with and then they may disappoint you, because they may not but then there’s so many other people that will pleasantly surprise you like so many more that exceeded my expectations. So I understand why working with you and working on networking was so important. It’s just I think I guess making that shift like you said. It just goes a long way in terms of in your mind of saying like, “This is not a burden.” This actually end up being so much fun.
I was in the very beginning, very anxious before each call or whatever may be, I would be anxious. But then when I actually got down and spoke with them, it always was supposed to be like a half an hour or 20 minutes and then that takes so long, because there was a bit-
Yeah, because they wanted to share. Yeah.
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They wanted to share. They knew that they had things to share and help me with. And they were so helpful in that way. And it always exceeds my expectations, because after I would be like, “That was so great. That was so much fun.” I guess looking at it as a … It’s a fun thing. It’s not a chore and it does take a lot of time and it’s good to be, definitely you have to be prepared, asking the right questions, really finding out why is it that this person caught your attention and what is it about them and the organization that really interest you? I think it really comes down to sincerity.
I really appreciate it. A true testament your vulnerability here on the podcast sharing with us and with your conversations that would come through, and people connect through vulnerability, right? So it’s totally one of the reasons why you’re so successful. I can totally see that. What would you say was the one thought that really helped you move forward?
I think when you have a coach, you get to see things and do things that you haven’t tried. It was more about that I keep trying things on my own before I worked with you and they weren’t working. So if I’m going to be open to change, I have to take this on as a completely different approach than I would’ve never done before. Because I can’t work with you and then do the things that I would’ve done if I wasn’t working with you, because then there’s no point.
Yeah, yeah.
So there were things that I was really reluctant and hesitant on doing, and you could see as a coach, as my true coach at that time that this is beneficial for me or I should strike up with these connections or whatever, whatever the context was at that time, which would be appropriate. I just didn’t think that it was something that was valuable. Now, I just look at it so differently and like I said, it was such a process and such a journey. I didn’t appreciate that as well. They thought it was onetime solution and a one cover letter, one resume that’s going to get me all these job offers and I thought, “I’d been working for my organization for so long. It’s going to be so easy, I mean, easier transition. It wouldn’t be such a challenge.”
I really underestimated all that it is a journey. You have to believe in yourself. That’s the shift as well working with you. You really get that as well, believing yourself, putting yourself out there, trusting the process. That was a huge game changer as well. And then that comes out when we speak with someone, right?
That comes out when you’re networking and then it comes-
It’s so important, yeah. Mm-hmm (affirmative).
And then it comes out in the interview. Then when I was interviewing, it was so easy for me and even though it’s on Zoom, it’s not an in person. We are in the pandemic. It’s through Zoom, and I’m able to now make these connections with these people so much better, because I’ve been doing it for a couple months now. So it’s yes, you’re nervous during interviewing, yes you’re nervous during networking, but it really like that practice in the work that you put, and I don’t want to call it work, because it was fun, but it was, it was working towards the goal. And it really pays off. It really will pay off is what I’m trying to say.
If you’re staying within your industry and you’ll have a natural way to put in buzz words during an interview, you’ll know the hot topics. You’ll know what’s trending, because you’ve been out there. I don’t know. I want to say believe in yourself, trust the process, this is a journey.
No, those are really good points. Yeah, for sure. And the fact that you really embraced that and we can tell that by the story that you’re telling us today and having reached the other side, having cross that
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path and being like, “I know what it’s like. You’re going to be fine. Just follow the process. Trust it, believe in yourself and trust the journey.” Absolutely.
I wanted to just bring attention to the fact that you did have the willingness to be open and have that growth come in. So that willingness to just be like, “Okay, so what I’m doing isn’t working. I do need to be open to some different ways of thinking even though I might really not want to do this, there’s no real downside to trying something different. And I just want to honor you for that, because I know a lot of people they get stuck and they’re like, “No,” but this just doesn’t work. I’m just not doing it. I’ve heard it so many times.
So I just want you guys listening take some notes on this interview, because this is really going to be the difference for you. If what you’re doing right now isn’t working and there’s shifts to be made. There’s some work to do. You’re not stuck forever. It’s just a temporary thing and there’s always just that can be made to get you where you’re going. So what would you say was the reason you were able to make networking so successful? I know we’ve covered a little bit of that already with what you said.
The way that you made the process fun, can you tell us a little bit more about your thoughts around that and maybe how you came up with questions to ask people that really got you embracing that process.
I think because I was also being very creative, what I did was I actually joined symposiums, because we were pandemic. I really took advantage of all these symposiums. There was a lot of conferences, a lot of research groups, networking groups that were doing things online. So what I said that I’m able to go. I didn’t care about the timezone. I just cared really about the topic and the industry, and I aligned … because I was aligned myself already with that and I had them on LinkedIn, I was easily able to grab onto groups even if they were on another country.
So I think just being creative was really a key component for me, because it gave me that practice of how really you can solidify relationships really, only if it was organic, right? There were talks that maybe there weren’t as in I was not as interested, but most of them, it would either be the speaker, the presenter, maybe somebody that said something. I would add myself to the discussion. I haven’t been able to post on LinkedIn yet, but I actually do if there’s something that I take notice of, I even use that as networking. I’ll comment on someone’s post.
Then it’s funny, because someone else would see that and then someone would ask me for a friend request or a LinkedIn request. Then another conversation would appear. I think the creativity and then because I was creative and I saw all these results, I knew that I was aligning myself in the right way. I was going on the right direction. I didn’t know that this person was going to have a job offer for me or anything like that. It was just organic, and because of me knocking on doors, I was able to then be successful, I would think.
Yeah. And being willing to try all those things, yeah.
Yeah. So I just want to say being creative really helps, because it just does. It makes it more fun. It’s more organic, it’s more sincere, and because of all the platforms we have, there’s actually so many ways to network now and it’s so much easier.
Yeah, so pay attention, those listening to her thoughts about networking here, because this is what’s really creating the difference. I share a lot of those same thoughts, and I’ve had the comment experience totally the same thing. I’ve had people reach out to me to want to work with me, because I made a comment on a post and then they saw it and then they were like, “I love what you said about that.” So just these little tiny things that you did out of inspiration, or kindness, or wanting to share, or just that little nudge that you had that you’re like, “Oh, that’s interesting. I have something to say about that, or oh, that person looks interesting.” Just being in that curious mode instead of where a lot of
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people are, which is like, “Oh, it’s not going to do anything anyway, or that’s going to be weird. That’s uncomfortable. I don’t want to.”
This is how we create the results is by opening up to all this stuff that you’re talking about here. So what do you think were the key shifts that made the difference for you?
Seeing the results along the way. They weren’t immediate results, but like I said-
Yes. That’s an important point, they weren’t immediate. So when you weren’t getting the results-
Yeah, they weren’t immediate.
When you weren’t getting the results, having that ability to keep going and not making your belief dependent on the results yet, because you stayed in it until you saw them coming, which they always do.
I think just along the way of just like I said, people taking and buy my story and giving their side, their struggles as well and how they overcame their landing their first lawyer job, or being an associate whether it’s private or government, everybody has that journey and everyone had that story. So it’s so nice. Even if it’s someone who was just a year graduating, they still remember and of course, it’s so fresh in you. I think really don’t underestimate any of the networking, because each person is not little, like each networking like little by little by little gets too closer to your goals.
Like I said, there was no one person, there was no one thing that I did, because it all amalgamated into big results at the end. I was able to get a couple job offers. Before the job offers I was able to get interviews and I wasn’t getting any interviews and that’s because I connected with a couple people on LinkedIn who said, “Hey.”
So amazing.
Yeah, “Hey, tell me a little bit more about yourself and hey, I know you’re looking.” So then I was able to say, “Yeah. No, I would like to take this more serious and I was able to substantiate it with a job interview. Then I haven’t interviewed in so long. So I think the networking really helped me prepare for the interview as well, because how do you conduct yourselves and just with interviewing is so nerve-racking as it is. So that really helped and especially-
So being able to warm up and build up your confidence through that process.
Yeah. I really do owe it to the networking aspect, because had it not been trolling and working with people, I would have not got the results that I have and that’s a lot with you and I working together, and you seeing the limiting belief that I had in myself is I sure didn’t really realize how damaging I was by saying, “Oh, I don’t want to do that.” That’s not something I’ve done. I don’t do that. Why is it that you don’t do that? You can’t label yourself and say, “I don’t do that.”
That my style like, “Oh, that’s not my style.” That’s not something I’d like to do and I had that limiting belief about that.
Yeah. I hear it a lot too. I hear it a lot. I remember because you were like, “This is just not something that I want to do. I’m not really into this. You’re not alone on that.” See, having embraced it now, you can see the value in doing that. But a lot of people are in that situation just thinking, “I don’t do that, and I don’t want to.” I guess the question you ask yourself there is, “Is what you’re doing working for you? Do you see yourself making progress there?” Because I did say to you too, I’m like, “You don’t have to.”
Yeah, you don’t have to.
Yeah. You don’t have to network.
I know, but then if you don’t, you’re doing yourself such a disservice, because you won’t see the results.
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Yeah. So well-said. Yeah, because if you have it by now, then you got to change something.
You got to change something. That was definitely for me. I also fight with myself before saying, “Oh, I’m such a positive person.” I don’t have a negative thought process, but then when it came to landing a job and when it came to networking, I actually did. And I really need to change that narrative in my mind and in my head. You and I worked on that and that really, really helped me with people in making those connections and then ultimately being hired and being a chosen candidate, which in itself feels so, I don’t know, rewarding, and exhilarating and exciting, because these are things that I didn’t think that was going to happen for me, because it was a long journey and I was not getting results.
I honed in on saying, “Oh, I want to be in my organization,” so it will be like I’ll get something eventually and that it wasn’t happening and then I had to look outside. But then I came back inside because then I did get job offers within my organization. So it was this whole journey. It was a long road in terms of how I … It wasn’t as long as the job search, but it’s just me getting there was a long road. You have to really just work at it and each day I think every single day that I connected with someone or I posted something, or I felt something in my mind, I think that all attributed for me getting to be someone at the hiring committee would say, “Hey, we want to hire her.”
Yeah. Yeah, all that work, it all comes together in the end is what I like to say. So what advice would you give your past self to make the process go faster?
Now, it’s easy to say that don’t be so reluctant and don’t be so hesitant, and don’t be so reluctant on doing something you’ve never done and thinking that it wouldn’t work. If you’ve never worked with a coach before, you can’t just miss it. These are all new things that I’ve done that I’ve never done in the past. I thought I was very secured in my government job, and so I didn’t think I had to do these things. If something is worth it for you and this change is so badly needed for your career, you definitely need to put the effort in and only by working with a coach, I feel for me that that was possible, because I was so used to doing something in a certain way that was really hard to break old habits.
Yeah, and that’s true for everybody.
Yeah, it really is.
It’s just [inaudible 00:31:29] realized it and those who don’t are the ones who have different timelines to their success. And so what made you want to work with me specifically?
I liked what you were posting. It was the beginning of the year and you were on this posting frenzy I guess.
I still am.
I know. But at that time, I think it was new job, new year, creating new possibilities. And I think for me, those posts really caught my attention and all your posts. They still do. They still resonate with me, because I’m still in my career and I have a long career to go ahead of me. So they all relate, but I think it’s your post on LinkedIn just really spoke to me and then I really wanted to reach out to you and then I was reluctant, because I didn’t think that this was something that I would be a good fit for. Then you and I connected, because like I said, I’ve never done that before, but everything you were saying on LinkedIn spoke to me.
I’m like, “She’s saying things on LinkedIn that speak to me. I need to reach out to her.” I really do. So I did put it off. And then, because I wasn’t sure you’re reluctant, you don’t know, this is a random pert, a stranger on LinkedIn and you’re not sure. I’m not that saying you don’t look reputable or anything like that, you just don’t know.
No, I get it. I get it.
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Then I did and we connected over the phone, and just it went from there. It was an easier decision then for me to say like I do want to make changes. I’m serious about making changes. I’m now liking where I am right now and I hope the future doesn’t look so bleak. You did say to me, “Hey,” you did say, “This is something we could definitely work on.” And there was something about it that in our conversation that made me feel like this was a good fit for me. I felt like you really understood and understood my situation and I think you really understood with your clients on how to really bring the best out of them.
I felt like just from your client testimony that it seemed like people were really happy working with you, and it seemed like you’re really focused on career progression. So I like that.
Thank you.
Yeah, well, I’m so glad you decided to work with me, because it’s been an honor to be your coach and see your progress and have you sharing here today on this interview, which is going to help so many people. Yeah, if you hadn’t taken that leap, then who knows where we’d be now?
I’m so grateful for it. It was a hard journey, but at the same time I’m so glad that I had had you honestly by my side in terms of the coaching calls and just soundboard, because at this same time when you have friends and you can have a partner, but at the same time they’re not a professional in the industry. And I think that they can only give you so much advice and it’s just really good to align yourself with someone who’s going to really make a difference in your career.
Yeah, absolutely.
It’s all, yeah.
And someone who’s there specifically for this purpose to help you get this result, right? That’s my only job. How would you describe your experience of coaching with me? Did anything surprise you?
It did. Actually, I didn’t realize like I said how negative and damaging my thought beliefs were surrounding betting a job, surrounding landing the role that was going to be a good fit for me and networking. I really had limiting beliefs around that and I really struggled with those. I did pride myself on being a positive person. I guess in this aspect I wasn’t seeing any positive results, so I was just really down and there wasn’t anything really to pick myself up and even though I was trying to be positive for it, it was just a really damaging of all the little negative beliefs that you tell yourself and the heartbreaks and not getting interviews and not connecting with people, and not even getting job offers or yeah, not getting any opportunities.
It was really, really damaging, and it just, yeah, just I guess my negative thought beliefs and how damaging that could be to myself. I think that really took me a surprise. You do have control.
So being positive in all the other areas and having success in other areas and then just not knowing how to handle this specific area and I know that lots of people have that too like everybody has the things that they’re really good at. And sometimes they need some more help with other areas and there’s nothing wrong with that. It is just how it is. We can’t be all good at everything, it’s just not how it goes. So having that realization. And then yeah, I just had one last question for you as far as what you would advise people who where were you were when feeling like they don’t have anywhere to go, or feeling like they’re stuck, not sure where to begin, don’t want to do networking. What words of advice do you have for them?
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I would say really take a stalk of what you’re doing, we’ll really look at it seriously and say, “Hey, is this really working for me?” If you know the answer in your heart that it’s really not working for you, you need to make a change. You have to change it up. You have to make some serious changes to get some different results. So working with a coach is an excellent way to do that.
Yeah, you sound just like me. Amazing.
Yeah, because I mean, it’s really hard for you to see how you can make those changes, because you’re going to keep wanting to revert to the things that you still did, because it’s a bad, I don’t want to say that they’re bad habits, but you’re so used to doing things in a certain way that it’s really hard for you to do anything else, because you’ll just revert back to it. I don’t know if that makes any sense.
Yeah, it’s just looping and just doing what we’re used to being in the comfort of what we’re used to even if that’s not working, very normal human brain thing to do. But yeah, it starts with the awareness, and I think you sharing your story here and the words that you used and just how you communicated it really solidifies that for other people as well. So thank you so much.
Thank you.
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