Ep #165: Personal Marketing for the Individual

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Do you struggle to market yourself? When you’re in an interview, you need to be able to market yourself as a desirable option to a potential employer. I’m fresh off the back of a successful marketing experience, so I’m sharing all of my personal marketing advice for individuals right here on the podcast.


What are people doing wrong when they’re marketing themselves as individuals? Marketing yourself should be like a fun, flirty getting-to-know-you encounter. You might be great at that part. However, when it comes to closing, getting the employer to commit to you, that’s the area where I see people have the most difficulty. So if you’re getting interviews but not getting the lucrative offers you want, this episode is for you.


Tune in this week to discover where you’re going wrong in marketing yourself to potential employers and how to turn it around so you can land an opportunity that you truly love. I’m discussing how you can create a valuable interaction before you even get to the interview, and showing you how you can start attracting attention and creating real human connections that move your career forward.




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What You’ll Learn from this Episode:


  • The biggest mistake I see people making when applying for positions.
  • How to stand out and attract attention during the application process.
  • A new way of marketing yourself and making connections with potential employers.
  • How to make memorable impressions and connections on a human level.
  • The importance of looking at your application process and deciding what’s not working.
  • Why having a strong marketing game makes the interview a totally different experience.


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