How To Adopt The SIX-FIGURE Career Mindset

How To Adopt The SIX-FIGURE Career Mindset

How To Adopt The SIX-FIGURE Career Mindset


In this post, we’re going to talk about how to adopt a six-figure career mindset, talk about where you’re at right now with your earning, and what your potential is.

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The first thing that we do is we assume that we need to try to fit into a box.


When you’re looking for jobs, when you’re looking for what’s available, what’s possible for you, most likely, you’re looking at what exists.

You’re thinking, okay, let’s go see what people need, let’s post it on indeed, and can I fit into it.

Do I check the boxes?

Can I do this?

And I want to argue that that’s a very limited way to approach your career, a lot of the times, people don’t know what they need.

They aren’t able to clearly articulate it, and then you are just coming to try to fill that box.

And you’re limiting yourself to what other people have decided arbitrarily is what they think they need.

And what really exists is a possibility that is so much bigger than we could ever see in those job descriptions.

What I want you to ask yourself is, how much money do you want to make, what do you want your salary to be, and then what value do you need to create in order to confidently ask for that?
How To Adopt The SIX-FIGURE Career Mindset

And the second question is, how do you want to add the value?


How specifically do you want to do it? Is it by becoming a Salesforce administrator?

Is it by marketing, collecting leads for a company?

What strategic problem do you want to solve? How do you want to add that value, and then blow it up?

Think bigger in your head as to how could I add so much value that the amount I’m asking for, somebody would be very happy to pay me for it.

So that’s the first mindset shift I want you to think about.

And then, secondly, we have to realize that the value that you’re going to be able to offer is going to be worth whatever somebody is willing to pay for it.

And so, the person paying is always the person who decides the value.

That’s good news for you because it just means you need to find an organization that is willing and happy to pay you for that value.
How To Adopt The SIX-FIGURE Career Mindset

The best example that I’ve heard is if you have a very talented chef who’s won awards, and he works at a high school cafeteria, he could be there for 10 years trying to prove his value.


It’s possible that he would be trying and showing and upping his game, trying to prove his value to the principal, to the school board, and it doesn’t matter how long he’s there OR how much he contributes.

He’s never going to be valued at the level that he could be.

If you take the same chef with the same qualifications and the same awards and you put him in a New York restaurant where people are coming in expecting the best and happy to pay for the best.

Then he will be able to have so much more money coming his way for the exact same amount of value.

There are the two things, how much money do you want to make, how do you want to contribute your value, and then we put together a plan for that and then finding and matching up to the right organization who’s going to pay you for that.
How To Adopt The SIX-FIGURE Career Mindset

And that’s what I help you with.


If you’d like to take this work deeper, I have a training called 5 Steps to How to Get a Six-figure Job You Love.

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  • We’re going to go over the opportunities and how to get infinite opportunities, so you’ll never have to worry about where you are getting your next opportunity from.

  • You going to find out how to crush your interviews and how to focus on what you can control to nail those interviews.

  • Also, how to get a win no matter what, how to feel likeable, so whether they like you OR they don’t, how you’re still going to feel intact, and how you’re still going to feel confident in yourself to keep going to ultimately get to your goal.

  • We’re going to talk about mastering salary negotiations so that you can make the money that you want to make over the course of your lifetime. We’re talking five, ten years out, what is it that you want to be doing.

  • You’re probably thinking pretty small right now if you’re like most people. I want to challenge you to think bigger.

  • And the last thing we’re going to talk about setting up your promotion, so, the things you need to be focused on right now in order to get where you actually want to go.

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