Ep #172: 3 Hidden Areas of Responsibility

Get Six Figure Job You Love and Thrive Natalie Fisher | 3 Hidden Areas of Responsibility

What does it really mean to take responsibility for our own results? You might be sending out applications but not hearing anything back, believing that the market is bad and there’s nothing more you can do. However, the truth is, you can always take responsibility for your results, and I’m showing you three hidden areas of responsibility that you can start working on right now to land a premium role that you love.


Once you see the hidden areas of responsibility that you’re neglecting, you can start taking your power back and begin generating amazing results for yourself. If you’re feeling stuck in your career and you’re ready to create new opportunities, this episode is for you.


Tune in this week to discover the three hidden areas of responsibility you need to start accounting for as you try to land a premium offer. I’m helping you see what’s currently holding you back from creating new opportunities in your career and giving you a new perspective on taking responsibility at the level that will help you land a six-figure role.



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What You’ll Learn from this Episode:


  • 3 hidden areas of responsibility you need to know about.
  • How most people tend to avoid taking responsibility for their results.
  • Why it’s always your responsibility to make employers see the value you have to offer.
  • The symptoms of not taking full responsibility for what you’re creating in your career.
  • Why you’re currently feeling stuck as you try to make a switch in your career.
  • How to start taking real responsibility for the results you’re creating in your career.


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