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What is security? This is a topic people talk about but generally don’t go too deep with. Security doesn’t come from one specific position you hold. Sure, some jobs can be more secure than others, but people get fired regularly, companies go bankrupt or make cutbacks, and it can happen any time, as I found out when worked in corporate.


So, where does security really come from? How can we feel secure even if the circumstances around us are uncertain? Whether it’s around work, relationships, business, or your finances, none of these circumstances are secure. This might sound scary, but I invite you to stay with me because the truth about security is a lot more empowering than you might think.


Tune in this week to discover everything you need to know about feeling secure. I’m showing you exactly where security comes from, and why it’s actually amazing news that security doesn’t depend on the outside world. Learn how you can feel so secure in yourself that you can figure out any circumstance.



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What You’ll Learn from this Episode:


  • Why no circumstance is ever 100% secure.
  • Examples from my clients of how even making millions in your business doesn’t provide a sense of security.
  • Why security is always available to you, even in extreme circumstances.
  • The thoughts so many people have that are generating a feeling of insecurity.
  • How to start creating a sense of security for yourself in your work, business, relationships, or any area of your life.


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This is the Get a 6-Figure Job You Love podcast and this is episode 94, what to do when you don’t know what to do. Stay tuned. Hey there, welcome to the Get a 6-Figure Job You Love podcast. I’m your host, Natalie Fisher, I’m a certified career mindset coach who also happens to want to skip all the BS and get to what it really takes to create real results for you and your career. On this podcast you will create real mindset shifts that will lead to big results and big changes in your career and your income. No fluff here, if you want to get a six figure job you love and create real concrete results in your industry and make a real impact, you’re in the right place. Are you ready? Let’s go.
All right, let’s dive into this topic today. So I know that this is another kind of thing that people talk about but don’t really go deep in, don’t really expand on the idea, which is that your security doesn’t come from a single secure job or position. So intellectually we might know and yeah, some jobs are probably more secure than others, for example a unionized position or if you’ve been there for a really long time. But you never know, people get fired in unions too. My partner works for a union and he’s seen a few firings happen, so it does still happen. But my point is that no job is really secure ever. The company could go bankrupt, they could lay you off and you could not expect it. I know this having it happen to me and there wasn’t, anybody wasn’t running out of money, it wasn’t that, it was a situation that I could have never foreseen. And I was in a group where we all thought we had a secure position.
So what I want to dive into today is where does security actually come from then? And how can we feel secure even if the circumstances around us are never secure? And if we think about it, nobody is ever 100% secure in their circumstance. So no job is ever 100% secure, no business is ever 100% secure. We saw that in the pandemic, even businesses who were doing amazing all of a sudden we’re down to zero, nothing is secure. So how does security get created? How does financial security get created or any kind of security, job security, financial security, security in a relationship where you could be afraid that someone’s going to leave. I mean everybody always has that option, there’s never any security anywhere. So that might be scary to hear, but in this episode I’m going to dive into how you feel secure, where it actually comes from, and why it’s good news that it doesn’t have to depend on the outside world for you to feel secure if you want to.
And I want to share an example first, a really powerful example that I’ve seen. So I am a certified coach and I’ve been in circles with coaches who are making different amounts of money. And some of them make a lot of money, some of them are on their way to making more money their first $100,000, some of them are making millions with their coaching businesses. And they always have insecure thoughts about their finances or their businesses. So even a coach who is at $8 million a year can still have insecure thoughts about her finances. And it’s like when she gets to that level then her expenses are way higher, and then her taxes are way higher. And then she’s like oh, but what if my whole business crumbles tomorrow? She could still have that thought and feel really insecure even though she’s built up this $8 million business.
And so the reason why this example was so powerful for me is because if someone had $8 million can still feel insecure, then it’s not her business, it’s not the
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circumstance that creates the security, it can’t because you’d think that someone who makes $8 million wouldn’t have those feelings. But the truth is that the feeling of insecurity comes from thoughts that she has been default given to her brain, things that she is choosing to think. And I’ll explain where the security actually comes from and how you can feel more secure. Because somebody on the street, for example they might feel insecure every day that they might not get enough change to eat that day or something. Or they might not get enough money to get whatever it is that they need to get through the day. But they also might feel very secure in that they will make it through another day and that they have nothing to lose.
So they might feel secure in that they could think of it like this, they could think yeah, I’ve been on the streets for this many years and everything has always been fine. I can always go to the food bank if I can’t get money today for food, I can always go here, I can always do this. They know their way around this lifestyle enough to feel secure, so they can feel secure and they might not feel insecure. Where someone with an $8 million business could still feel insecure because of the way she’s thinking. She could feel like oh, my business might collapse tomorrow, who knows? What if there’s another pandemic, or another world event, or something could happen? Or she could think, what if I say something and I lose all my clients? And these are extreme level thoughts because really what normally creates the insecurity are thoughts like, what if I get fired? Or what if I mess up? What if I get laid off? And then that’s what actually creates the insecurity, it’s not the circumstance itself.
So why we think this is true is because we’re not trained to think that our thoughts create our results, we kind of grow up thinking our circumstance create our results. So we think oh, this happened, therefore I feel disappointed. Like I got a rejection, therefore I feel disappointed. And that’s normal and everybody feels disappointed, but that’s not true. Some people get rejected and they feel happy. They feel like oh, they did me a favor. Great, I didn’t want that anyway. So people are picking different thoughts that are creating a different feeling for them. And so the security that you create for yourself is always going to be created by the thoughts you choose. So how we normally try to cope with it is we try to go out and get more things that we make us feel more secure. So try to make more money, try to get a job with a company that’s really financially stable.
And if someone’s been laid off before they might think okay, next time I’m going to look into this, I’m going to make sure that the next company I work for is financially stable. I’m going to look at their records, I’m going to look at how long they’ve been around, and I’m going to assess the risk. And they might do that and that would make them feel more secure thinking okay yep, they’ve got a great track record, they’ve been around a long time, and it’s very unlikely that they’re going to lay me off. But you might still have insecurities about yourself like oh, what if I can’t do it? What if I don’t get along with my boss? What if this happens? And so there’s always the option to choose insecure thoughts, either insecure thoughts about yourself, or insecure thoughts about the company, or insecure thoughts about the market, or what it’s doing, those are always options that we can choose. And so a lot of people choose these options on default.
And I actually knew a girl, she really great at her job and we worked together, and she got it in her head that she was going to get fired. And there was no real reason
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for this, and I saw it happen. Before I really studied mindset work and thought work I didn’t really know what was going on, but looking back I can see exactly how she created her own firing. Maybe you know someone who did this too, it was very obvious now that I look back. And every day she would just obsess, she’s like, oh my God, I’m going to get fired, I just know it if I don’t do this. I have to, and she was putting so much pressure on herself, she was trying so hard not to get fired that she got fired. And it was like her thought, I’m probably going to get fired, created her result of getting fired because of the way that she was feeling, that anxiety every day showing up like that.
And then she got fired. And then when she did she was like yep, see? I knew it was going to happen. Yep, I told you. But I saw it go on for months. And I was like, well if you’re thinking every day that you’re going to get fired you’re probably going to create that in some way or another. So it just goes to show that it’s the thinking that creates your security or not. So your thinking can create great insecurity for you, or it can create great security for you. And so why we need to know this is because we can create security for ourselves right now with whatever we have right now. So if you are unemployed, whatever your circumstances, you can choose to feel secure now.
And so what happens is that when we do create insecurity is we just chase more and more and more of the circumstances. We’re like oh, well when we get this job we will feel secure. When we make this amount of money we will feel secure. But then if you’re not feeling secure with what you have now, you won’t feel secure with the next thing. You think you will but you won’t. You’ll always be like okay, well now I need this other thing because what if this doesn’t work out? Or what if, what if, what if, what if, I need this other thing to feel secure. And then I need this other thing to feel secure. And I see it with coaches a lot, they’ll be like, well they made it to their one financial goal and they’ll be like oh, but I need more. I need this, I need this. And then they’re chasing the security with changing the circumstance.
And so what we need to do to feel secure is actually to study the thinking that creates security. And so what that looks like is actually having certainty in yourself, so much certainty in yourself to figure out whatever happens. And so this is an exercise that I’ve gone down with a few clients and I’ve had it done to me with my coach. And it’s when you’re really afraid of something happening and you go down that worst case scenario. And so for me it was like, oh my God, what if I can’t make my business work? What if this, what if that? And so my coach kept asking me okay, so what if? What if that happens? I would say, well I would probably use my RSP money, or I would probably move in with my parents, or my sister, or I would… And she’s like see, you have a whole bunch of solutions that you could do. Or I said oh, I would talk to this person because they said that they would always have a job open for me if I needed it.
Or my brain starts to come up with ways that I would actually solve that worst case scenario happening. And one of my clients asked me this, he said, how do you kind of deal with that feeling of like, oh my God, what if I can’t feed my family? And I said, have you ever not fed your family before? And he’s like, no. And I’m like, so where does that come from? Why do you think all of a sudden you would be in a position not to feed your family? And he’s like, it’s true, I always have. And I’m like, and how do you think you have? Why do you think you figured that out? He’s like, well
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because I would just never let it get to that point, I would always figure out a way. I would move heaven and earth if I needed to, I would always figure out a way.
And I’m like, exactly. And you will continue to always figure out a way. So if he just shifted his thought from, oh my God, what if I can’t feed my family? To, I’ve always figured out how to feed my family, don’t worry, you’ll continue to always figure it out. The difference between how those two thoughts felt for him completely changed how he was able to focus day to day, and what he needed it to focus on to create the circumstance that he wanted. So the security came from that change in thinking, so that’s a very clear, concrete example.
And so what happens is people go down the worst case scenario, and then that creates insecurity. So when they go down the worst case scenario and they stay there and they don’t answer the questions, they’re like, oh my God, what if this happens? What if this happens? What if this happens? Then you’re creating insecurity by not actually answering the questions. Well say really, if this happened I would do this, I would do this, I would do this. To the point where you’re not going to end up living in a box on the street. And we think that’s going to be the worst case in you’re like, oh my God, I’m going to be homeless, I’m going to be living in a box on the street. And it’s like, even if that did happen we know lots of people have gone from not having anything to having a lot of money, and picking themselves up and going from rags to riches. That’s real, that really happens. And it’s because of their mindset, they changed their mindset.
I heard about, there was an example I think I heard Donald Trump was, he was in debt at one point. Or I don’t know where he is now, but he was in debt at one point, so much that he actually was in a worse position than someone on the street because he owed so much money and the person on the street didn’t know any money, they just didn’t have any. So technically the person on the street had more money than Donald Trump because they were not in the negative. And Donald Trump at his core, his identity is that he’s rich, he has lots of money. And so he’s always going to come back and match that identity of who he is. So the security comes from who you’re being in your identity.
So are you identifying as somebody who struggles, and who struggles to find work, and struggles, or are you identifying as somebody who’s rich, who has no problems, who always figures it out? That’s one that I feel like I can’t go wrong with. And I tell myself that all the time, if I get panic thoughts or something I’m like, you know what, I always figure it out. I’ve always figured it out before and I’ll always keep figuring it out. And I don’t go there very often anymore because I’ve trained my brain really well to keep moving me forward so I don’t get into insecurity very often at all. But if I do I know how calm myself down and I know how to say don’t worry, we’ve done this before. We have figured everything out up until now, we will continue to do that. And we will only continue to get better, and expand, and everything’s going to be okay.
And it’s more useful when you can tell yourself doesn’t believe it than someone else can tell you. And when someone else tells you sometimes that creates security for you too if you believe them. You’d be like okay. So what really creates job security is you, comes from within you. And I don’t care if you’re unemployed, I don’t care if you’re going to get laid off, have been laid off, are going to quit with no place to go.
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Where wherever you are, whatever you’re doing, you create the security with what you think. So what thought would create the ultimate security for you? And then when you believe it you practice that thought every day, you will feel secure. So for me it’s I always figure things out, I always have, I always will. That’s a really good one for me, I’ve really kind of ingrained it, I know that to be true, and it is always true, always.
So what needs to happen for you when you’re applying this and learning the work inside the curriculum, inside my program that we do is I teach my clients in there to create secured for themselves, and that the security doesn’t rely on whatever’s happening.
So if someone’s rejected, if someone makes a mistake, that is the circumstance, and it’s how we decide we’re going to think about that and move forward. It’s not the circumstance itself, I don’t care really what the circumstance is because we can always choose a frame that’s going to help you feel secure around that circumstance. So the two main skills that you need are, and I talked about these skills a lot inside the curriculum and I teach them, teach my clients how to master them, is you need to know how to be aware of your own mind. So know how to identify when your mind is giving you insecure thoughts, insecure thinking. So worry is insecure thinking, doubt is insecure thinking, fear is caused by insecure thinking. All those things are caused by your lack of belief that you can figure out what you need to figure out. It’s caused by your lack of practice being aware of how your thinking is creating your reality.
And then the second skill is regularly assessing how your thinking is creating your reality. So that is happening right now whether you know it or not, your thinking is creating your reality. Thoughts equal your results in one way or another. And when I coach in my program, when we coach I have a head coach in there now she’s working with me, we use this same method but we will show you exactly how that works. Exactly so that you can be crystal clear on how your thought is creating your reality. And when you’re aware of that and you see it, then you want to create different results, and then you’re equipped to change it, you’re equipped to move forward from it. It’s like you can’t see, you can’t move to where you’re going if you have no idea where you are. It’s like if you have a map and you’re like, well I want to go here but you don’t know where your starting point is, that’s going to be very difficult to navigate even to that place if you don’t know where your starting point is.
So that’s why two steps are you have to be aware first, like hyper aware of what you’re thinking now and why these results are happening, and then moving to change it is a skill that I teach my clients inside the program. And they get really, really good at this, and that is how they create results so quickly. So what happens is that you feel more in control, and if you want to feel secure you train yourself to know how to go back into that feeling of security. And like I said, people with $8 million feel insecure, and people on the street can feel secure. So it’s mind blowing but it’s all because of what they’re thinking. So it’s great news actually, I think it’s the best, and I think it’s amazing that I can teach and share this tool with people because once you get this you can control how you feel.
Not to mean that you’re never going to feel insecure again or that you’re never going to feel doubt again, that’s okay, it’s human. But the majority of the time you get to direct yourself where you want to go very intentionally, and then you get the results
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you are looking for faster. And my goal is to move people completely out of the feeling of struggle and insecurity. And all the people that are listening to podcast and with me inside my program, that you get to completely move out of that space of insecurity, worry, lack, and doubt, and you get to move into the space of certainty, knowing you’re going to figure it out, moving to figure things out, like taking that action from that place of confidence, uncertainty in yourself, and seeing that manifest, seeing that stuff show up, and then building up your confidence, yourself concept, and your value so that you can go do bigger, better things and have a bigger impact. If that’s what you want, which most people here that’s what I think you’re here for.
So if you’re interested in that, in next week’s episode I’m actually going to give you a challenge that is going to give you some more control over the job hunt. So it’s a brand new challenge, nobody ever done it before, well a few of my clients have but I don’t think anybody’s taught this before because it came from coaching, from my experience coaching with my clients and seeing what was really working for them. And how they can share their knowledge, expertise, their value, and become more visible in order to get hired into higher quality opportunities, and do it faster, and have control over it, and have fun with it. So stay tuned for next week, it’s called the value and visibility challenge, and it’s really at your core going to, it’s going to bring up some emotions for you when you do the challenge, and it might be scary and uncomfortable, but it’s going to give you a boost and a boost in credibility, but also a boost in your self confidence and your certainty in yourself so that you can continue to serve at a higher level. And when you serve at a higher level you’re going to attract higher quality opportunities. That’s what we’re seeing inside the program and I’m going to share that with you next week.
So if you’re ready to join us right now, you can get help with all these things that I’m talking about on the podcast, you can get one on one coaching every week, Tuesdays at 2:00pm, or you can get coaching inside the LinkedIn community as well. And I will talk to you next week. Oh, and if you haven’t gotten the PDF guide yet, the free PDF guide eight reasons why you are getting interviews but no job offers, and I outline all the reasons step by step and how to fix them, you’re going to want to grab that. The link is in the show notes and I will see you in that freebie because I wrote that myself, so it’s like I’m talking to you when you’re reading it, or I will see you inside my program. Other than that, have a great week and I’ll talk to you soon. Bye.
Do it. It’s a thing of don’t wait, you’re going to need a coach for a lot of reasons in your life. But since we’re talking about career, if you’re going through a career change go ahead and do it. This whole experience has really been great because it’s really taught me a lot about myself and anybody out there who’s sort of going through the same thing that I am, just embrace the process.
If I were to sum it up, I would say the most common thing people come to me with is, I’m going on interview, after interview, after interview and I’m not getting the offer. What am I doing wrong? So I’ve put together a freebie where you can get this download completely free, it has the eight reasons that this is happening. And I break down each reason very specifically and how to fix it. So to grab that download the link is in the show notes, you can click on that link, you just have to enter your information. It’s called the eight reasons you’re not getting hired, and I will help you figure that out. I will see you in the freebie. Okay, talk to you soon.
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