The Biggest Misconceptions About Networking

The Biggest Misconceptions About Networking

The Biggest Misconceptions About Networking


So you think networking sucks?


Most people think they’re no good at networking, or that they’re “not into it” or that it’s just “not their thing” and they could never be that person who has that huge network working for them.

The truth on the matter is that this is the plain and simple definition of networking:

“The action or process of interacting with others to exchange information and develop professional or social contacts”

The thing that most people don’t think of is, that there are lots of ways in which to do this. Some are more effective than others.

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There are many different ways to achieve the “development of professional contacts” but the funny thing is that when I talk to people they have a very specific idea about what networking means to them.

9 times out of 10 they associate networking with being a really uncomfortable or unpleasant experience. Something to be avoided.

Which is no wonder why people don’t do it.

When I ask someone what Networking means to them I will get different answers for example:


  • It’s sleazy, it’s like trying to get someone to give you a job just because they know who you are

  • It’s about getting as many business cards as you can and about who has the biggest Rolodex

  • It means being that guy who spends 2 hours just chatting with people for no reason in order to build relationships

  • It means being someone who always goes for beers with colleagues after work (even if you don’t want to)

  • It means talking to lots of strangers and talking to everyone!

  • It means putting yourself out there

  • It means asking people if they “hear of anything” for a job for me

  • I don’t want to bother people

These things don’t sound fun, and if you’re an introvert, like me, none of them sound that great at all.

Wouldn’t you rather be curled up with and a heated blanket on the couch watching Netflix, instead of going out trying to get something from a bunch of professionals you don’t know?

The thing is, I totally disagree with the common perceptions of the word.

Networking isn’t about going up to people and getting 400 million business cards. It’s not about having the biggest Rolodex.

I make fun of those people. It’s about having authentic relationships and giving more to people than you expect back.

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The #1 reason for any success I’ve had has been the people around me.


But I had to make sure I connected with those people in order for that success to happen. Simple as that.

If you continue to believe that you’re “not into networking” you’re literally cutting yourself off from the abundance of opportunities that are right under your nose.

That’s your choice, but someone else will take advantage of them. In fact, right now someone else is.

And you don’t have to talk to strangers for hours, or spend all your time “putting yourself out there”, you can start simply from behind your computer.

So that’s why I laser-focus my efforts with clients.

Because I really don’t like wasting time on things that don’t work.

And when we know what our result is, it’s easy to be focused.


So we focus in on what is the result that we want and strategically network to get there using a proven repeatable system.


It’s the fastest, most effective and most powerful way to do this.

Connecting with people strategically using powerful online strategies.

I had a client, her name was May, she started using the system and on her fourth day, she was like! “Wow, so this is how networking works”, as she got 2 messages back from Hiring Managers.

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