Ep #178: Extraordinary Success as an Introvert: Spotlight with Linda Le

Get Six Figure Job You Love and Thrive Natalie Fisher | Extraordinary Success as an Introvert: Spotlight with Linda Le

If you’re a highly sensitive person or an introvert, it can feel like your approach to life is different from what’s usually rewarded by society, especially when it comes to creating new opportunities in your career. However, my guest this week, Linda Le, has created extraordinary success as an introvert, and she’s here to share her secrets to landing your premium role as an introvert.


When it seems like louder, peppier, more extroverted people are getting more opportunities than you, it can feel like success only looks one way. But as an introvert, you bring your own energetic excellence into this world, and when you find the right opportunity with people who see your introverted nature as a strength, you too can land a premium role that you love.


Tune in this week as Linda Le breaks down her experience as an introvert and shares her journey of finding her way to a premium role with people who really appreciate her for who she is. Linda believes quiet voices can make a loud impact, and she’s sharing how you can harness your powers as an introvert so you can go out there and create the kind of career you really want.



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What You’ll Learn from this Episode:


  • How introverts have been socialized to think it’s better to be extroverted.
  • Why your quiet energy can actually be an advantage in the search for career opportunities.
  • The cost of ignoring your nature as an introvert.
  • How quiet people tend to cope in environments where they’re surrounded by loud extroverts.
  • Linda’s tips for showing up and navigating the world as an introvert.
  • How to create a safe space for the quiet people in your life and in your workplace.
  • What you can do to make your introversion work for you in your career.


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