How To Find Hidden Job Opportunities – 3 Step Strategy


How To Find Hidden Job Opportunities – 3 Step Strategy


In this post, I’m teaching you how to find hidden job opportunities if you are currently not having any luck with the job boards on the job sites and if you want to ramp up your progress and get more job opportunities quickly this post is for you.

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All right. So the first thing is understanding how the game works.


Every day 80 to 90% of positions are being filled by someone’s friend, someone’s friend’s husband, or someone’s friend’s wife, somebody’s family member, someone’s past connection from a previous workplace.

This is happening all the time yet you, my friend and many others that I help are still applying for 100 jobs on the job sites and not seeing a very big reply rate to their resume.

The first thing is to see that this is what’s happening.

Start to read articles, find the evidence for yourself that hidden job opportunities are what are worth investing your time into finding and it’s not that difficult once you know how to do it.


Two, then if you’re all ready to do this and you already know. You’re like, “Okay, I understand this.”


Then the case is how do you do it?

You have to go and look for them. LinkedIn is hands down the best tool for this.

You find these people, you find the people that you need to connect with.

They are going to be either in similar positions to you or they’re going to be able to hire you.

They’re going to be on LinkedIn.



This is a strategy that you probably already have heard of, the thing is though that the strategy isn’t nearly as important as my next point.

You have to be consistent and stay in massive action.

What I mean by massive action is you have to continue to reach out to people.

A lot of people will give up really easily.

They’ll be like, “Oh, I talked to somebody and they didn’t hand me a job offer immediately, therefore, it doesn’t work.”

Yes, of course, it didn’t work.

You stopped doing it. You didn’t do it for long enough.


The process doesn’t work until it works.


I did this myself but this is how I landed some of my dream positions was through making contact with people on a one-to-one basis.

That’s why I feel so passionate about this and why I’m able to walk clients through this process as well.

You just have to see that the path to success is there.

A lot of people will take this path to success but you won’t hear all of the coffee meetings that they went on OR all the chats that they had you’ll just hear oh they made a connection and they got a job offer but you didn’t see all of the work that led up to it.

There are a lot of conversations to be had and it can be really fun to meet all these people.

And not everyone has to result in a job offer for this process to work really well.

But yes, it took quite a few actions.


Step three is Action.


Yes, the actions are going to be more effective than applying to a hundred jobs on a site where you’re not actually going to make human contact.

Even if when you start doing this you might say it’s not working you need to understand the big picture and the idea of the compound effect.

When you continue to do something you will start to see momentum and you will start to understand more and more about how the game works and your next steps will start to unfold.

You don’t need to see the entire staircase to the top, you just need to see the next step and then you need to take it, and more things will start opening up for you.


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