Ep #190: The Fearless Ambition Series

Get Six Figure Job You Love and Thrive Natalie Fisher | The Fearless Ambition Series

Landing your premium role is one thing, but thriving in that position is a different ballgame. If you want to create an impact, avoid overwhelm, and get results in your new role in a way that feels aligned with you, I have something special just for you: The Fearless Ambition Series.


Getting a promotion or landing a role within a new company presents a whole new level of challenge in your career. To set you up for success in your new role, The Fearless Ambition Series is a free three-day training teaching you the skills and tools you need so you can show up and create in a way that suits your energy and personality.


Tune in this week to discover what fearless ambition is, and the three impact areas you can start working on right now to begin creating fearless ambition. You’ll learn how to start masterfully advocating for yourself and gain awareness of the thoughts that are stopping you from thriving, and I’m sharing an amazing process for creating results.



The Fearless Ambition Series is designed to help you thrive in a premium role. This is a three-day free training, and you can click here to join!


To go deeper into what we’re discussing in this episode and open up new possibilities in your career, join my free training: The 3 Required Skills to Get a Six-Figure Job in a Tough Time!



What You’ll Learn from this Episode:


  • Some of the reasons you could feel disempowered starting in a new role.
  • What it means to masterfully advocate for yourself and why we don’t advocate for ourselves automatically.
  • How I can help you start advocating for yourself and promoting your inner voice.
  • The value of gaining awareness over your thoughts and emotions and reducing your mind drama.
  • How to get laser-focused on creating amazing results in your role.


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