How To Create Confidence Before a Job Interview

How To Create Confidence Before a Job Interview

How To Create Confidence Before a Job Interview


So in this series we’re talking about self confidence in interviews.


In this post I’ll be talking about: How to create self confidence to get the results you want, the secret that all self confident people have… and the one thought that will give you the self confidence that you need.

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1. You have to have self-confidence BEFORE you create the success, not AFTER


If you’re trying to get confidence from your talent, if you’re trying to get self-confidence from your ability, you’re doing it hashtag backwards.

You have to believe in you capability to develop your capacity, to develop the talent, and then you can rely on the external evidence, but you have to have the self-confidence to create that external evidence. It looks like this.

Number one, you take action. Number two, you fail, and number three, you learn. When you take action, you either get the result your want or not, but you always learn what works and what doesn’t. Take action, fail or not, learn.


2. The Secret that all Self confident people have


Know that Self-confident people don’t always succeed.


This is a huge misconception. People think that, “Oh self-confidence comes from always winning, always being successful.”

A lot of people will look at some of the success that I’ve had maybe in my business and think, “Oh well it’s easy for her to be self-confident. Look at how successful she is.” But I promise you it’s the other way around.

You have to have self-confidence before you create that success, not after.

For example: I’m self-confident in my capability to grow, to have bigger dreams, to accomplish bigger things in my life. That is not based on me having already done that. My goals for my future are so much bigger than my past. I’ve never done that.

It’s based on my ability to handle anything that comes my way and I know that what will come my way is an emotion. My self-confidence comes from knowing that I can experience any emotion and I can manage my mindset.

You increase your capability by practicing and getting better. If you aren’t taking action, you’re moving away from self-confidence. You are failing ahead of time. Self-confidence fuels action. If you are not taking action, it is because you’re not generating the feeling of self-confidence.

Here’s how I generate the feeling of self-confidence. “There is nothing that can happen that I can’t handle because the worst that can happen is an emotion and I know how to handle my emotions.”


3. One Thought That Can Give You Self Confidence


A lot of people will just decide to fail ahead of time, but failing ahead of time teaches you nothing. What I mean by failing ahead of time is deciding Not to apply, not to put yourself out there for opportunities, not to go to the interview because you feel like you’re not going to get the job anyway so why try..

If you take no action, how do you know what works and what doesn’t? If you’re going to fail, don’t fail ahead of time. Fail by taking action and learning, rather than failing by doing nothing and trying to stay comfortable.

Yes, both can be considered failure but at least one gets you somewhere and increases your self-confidence by providing evidence that you are capable of taking action. Here is your thought that will help you.

“I believe in my ability to get this result no matter how long it takes, how many times I have to fail, or what I need to learn.”


In conclusion


And there you have it, I hope you enjoyed today’s episode of the self confidence series.

So before I go, I want to share a thought that can ignite your self confidence and that is “I’m more prepared than any other candidate for this interview, therefore I am going to crush it!”

And if you do know how to prepare effectively, this will be extremely powerful for you because that will give you confidence that you have some information that you know for sure you can deliver confidently and that will definitely start to help.

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