How To Find Hidden Jobs Online (Perfect For Introverts)

How To Find Hidden  Jobs Online (Perfect For Introverts)

How To Find Hidden Jobs Online (Perfect For Introverts)


Hello there! In this post, I’m talking about how to find hidden jobs starting right from your computer. If you are an introvert, don’t worry, you can get started very easily, from right behind your computer screen.

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The first thing is, all of the hidden jobs are found through individual people in companies who need help.


There are hiring managers right now who are sitting at their desks right now, thinking to themselves, we need to hire someone to help with this project.

We need to hire someone because our company is growing.

And it all starts with those thoughts from the hiring managers sitting at their desk thinking, we need to hire someone.

Once you start to get into that belief and understand that this is how it works, then you can start to find those people because you’ll start to believe that they are out there.


Number two. Finding the hidden job means that you can use the internet to connect with these people.


You need to do some strategic research and gather some information to find these people.

And the good news is the first step doesn’t have to involve leaving your computer at all.

What you’re going to do is you’re going to start poking around on LinkedIn, look at your industry, look at what it is that people are doing in your industry.

What kind of companies is hiring or hire for the type of work that you want to be doing or that you currently do?

That’s where you start and you start to look on LinkedIn and you start to get really inspired because you’ll start to see what’s really going on, all the positions that are available and all of the companies that hire for the work that you do.


Number three. Finding people is only a small part of it.


Next, you need to do is to connect with them in a way where they can actually see that you’re going to be bringing value to the table.

Now, in my opinion, it’s pretty easy to stand out when you reach out to people because most people are going to be reaching out with themselves in mind and it’ll be a very I focused email.

They’ll say things like, “I want to connect with you. I want to ask you some questions. I want to use my skills, I want to get a job, kind of thing.

That’s how most people are going to be reaching out. And that’s why most people don’t get responses.

When you focus the message more on them and you start to think, “Okay, what is it that they need? What is it that they’re up to? Why would they respond to me? What’s in it for them?” You can get a lot higher response rate.


Number four, if your goal is to find a job and you see the value of using networking to do so, not only do you build a strong network that you can use for a lifetime, but you can also have a lot of fun during this process of finding a job.


Imagine if the job hunt was fun.

You can meet some great people, learn a ton, you will get way better results and a way better job in the end.

It is such a better alternative than applying on the job boards.

The process is very simple but I’m not going to say it’s easy.

But if you do have the steps to follow and you can take the steps that my clients have taken and that I have taken, because I have personally received amazing job offers through networking, then you are going to be able to make it a lot farther in your career than if you are just relying on the job boards to give you those opportunities.

Because the job boards might not have the opportunity that you’re really meant to even show up there.


If you want to go a lot deeper on this topic, I have a free workshop called How To Get Endless Opportunities In Your Job Hunt.


Even if you currently have no contacts, on this workshop you’re going to get the three biggest mistakes people make when they’re networking for a job and why they normally fail.

The four things you need to be successful in networking for a job, the exact template that I use, so the word for word template that you can cut and paste into your email and send out without sounding salesy, needy, or desperate.

I’m going to teach you the three tools that when used together, can create a powerful, synergistic strategy that opens doors for you and how to take that relationship from a casual coffee into a real connection who is inspired to help you.

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Thank you so much! I hope you enjoyed.

I’ll see you next time and I can’t wait!


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