How To Increase Your Value As An Employee To Make A Six-figure Salary

How To Increase Your Value As An Employee To Make A Six-figure Salary


How To Increase Your Value As An Employee To Make A Six-figure Salary


Hello hello! In this post, we’re going to talk about how to increase your value as an employee to make a six-figure salary.


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The first thing I’m going to get you to do is to ask yourself right now, how much value you are contributing to your organization.


So how much is your salary now and how much value are you adding?

Are you adding the maximum amount of value possible that you can for that position?

That’s where I want you to get really clear because it’s going to start by you understanding very clearly the value that you are contributing.

And there’s no reason why if you’re not right now, or you don’t feel that you are that you can’t be contributing six-figure, 100,000$ worth of value per year.

It’s not difficult to do.

Ask yourself where you’re at right now, are you contributing the amount of value that is aligned with that?

OR are you contributing the maximum amount of value that you can in your current position?
How To Increase Your Value As An Employee To Make A Six-figure Salary

Secondly, what are your beliefs about the amount of money that you can make?


What are you basing it on?

Most people are basing it on what’s already been done in there, like what the average salary is for their position.

They might go to this, the OR look at the market value for the salaries, basing it on what’s already being paid.

And that’s a start, but it is an arbitrary number that was made up.

It’s in the amount of value that you give, is the amount of money that you can confidently ask for.

It’s simple as that.

And you can learn how if you’re not right now, either create that amount of value or more OR learn how to articulate it very clearly, understanding it yourself first, and then being able to communicate it so that it’s very clear, the value that you’re contributing and why you are asking for more to collect more money.

A lot of people think that it’s hours that were paid for like an hourly rate, and that’s how much money we should be paid.

Money equals time. But that’s not true. Value in fact equals money.

If you figured out how to contribute the same amount of value in half the number of hours, you’ve essentially given yourself a race, you have essentially doubled your income because you figured that out.
How To Increase Your Value As An Employee To Make A Six-figure Salary

I’ll give you an example.


Say somebody hires somebody to write a sales page for them. And it takes this person’s very experienced at writing sales pages and they are very good at doing this and it takes them maybe an hour to write it.

But that sales page generates $100,000 versus another person, it might take them 20 hours to write it.

But if they’re not producing that result of that sales page, producing $100,000, then that 20 hours is nothing compared to the value that that hour contributed from someone else who knew how to produce that result from it.

Sometimes we think that the more time we spend on something, the more hours that we work, the more value we’re contributing but that’s not always the case.

And it actually turns out that when we contribute too many hours, we work long hours and we’re staying after work and we’re burning the candle at both ends.

We’re actually contributing less value.

There’s a diminishing return there because our brain can only function at a high level for a certain amount of time before it burns out and it’s less effective.

Also, honestly, the person paying you doesn’t care how much time you spent doing something.
How To Increase Your Value As An Employee To Make A Six-figure Salary

They only care about the result that they’re going to get from the work you did.


If you figured out how to do it more efficiently in less time, then that is more valuable than you spending 20 hours to do it.

An example of this is said the dentist is going to pull your tooth out and they say that it can either take 10 hours OR it can take three minutes.

What would you pay more for?

A very long drawn out tooth extraction because it took longer OR very quick tooth extraction.

Probably the short one is worth a lot more money.

If he’s like, “Yeah, I’ll do it. It’ll be super quick. It won’t hurt at all versus it’s going to take a really long time and it’s going to be very painful.”

The number of hours spent doing something does not equal more value.

So it’s more about your brain and how you are using it in order to produce, create the result that the employer wants.

When you are able to use your brain to create results faster and more effectively that is when you get to ask for more money unapologetically, because they’re going to be happy to pay you that.

The question you want to be asking is how can I create the most value in my position?

And what would I need to do in order for the person paying me to say, “I’m happy to pay you more for that.”

What’s the answer to that question?
How To Increase Your Value As An Employee To Make A Six-figure Salary

And then lastly what is the amount of money that you want to make?


Oftentimes, we’re deciding it based upon what we think is possible, what the average is, what has been done in the past.

But those numbers are completely made up.

They’re completely arbitrary. What you want to be asking is, “How much money do you want to make? What do you want your salary to be?”

So say it’s 100,000 OR in the six-figure range.

What do you want your salary to be?

And then you ask, “How do you develop yourself into the person who can contribute that value and then talk about it in a way that is compelling and a no-brainer for somebody to say, Yes, of course, I want to pay you for that. When can you start?”
How To Increase Your Value As An Employee To Make A Six-figure Salary

And that is what I hope you do.


My name is Natalie Fisher.

I’m a certified career mindset coach. I’m helping people get to six figures if they haven’t already, I’ve worked with many people who are already at six-figure salary and want to increase OR people who want to get to that six-figure range.

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