4 Concrete Things You Can Do To Appear More Confident, Likeable & Like A Leader In A Job Interview (Without Coming Off As Arrogant)

4 Concrete Things You Can Do To Appear More Confident, Likeable & Like A Leader In A Job Interview (Without Coming Off As Arrogant)

4 Concrete Things You Can Do To Appear More Confident, Likeable & Like A Leader In A Job Interview (Without Coming Off As Arrogant)


In this post I’m going to share 4 things that you can do to BE more confident, more likeable & more like a leader (without seeming Arrogant), so stay tuned.

Self confidence is something that everyone wants. The thing is that we don’t know that we can actively create confidence in our lives.

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#1 Accept that no matter what, everyone is judging you.


So this may mean they are making positive judgement’s about you. For example, if the thought they had about you was, wow she seems very self assured, or He seems shy.

However the thing about being SELF confident is… that When you are self confident, you are subconsciously instructing people how to think about you.

You are subconsciously teaching others how to judge you basically, and since we are all judging everyone all the time, this is a good thing to be able to control.

When people see that you are certain of yourself, you are well liked, you are teaching others that they also need to see you in that way.

This is very important.


#2. Teach others how to treat you, by how you treat yourself.


How do you do this?

Well, you can’t control how people think of you or the impression that they ultimately decide on but, you can stack the deck in your favor by appearing more self confident.

It means that by generating the feeling of self confidence you can help to sway people’s opinions of you, by instructing them on how they should judge you.

So by showing people that you are well liked, they are more likely to like you too? How do you do that? Answer?

You like yourself. You can’t show people that you’re well liked through other people, you can show people by liking yourself when you show up. You teach people how to treat you by how you treat yourself.

If you show up and you treat yourself with respect, (not bragging or arrogant) but you treat yourself nicely, and kindly, and then you treat others nicely people subconsciously start to like you more..

A lot of people are very self deprecating in interviews, and they may even use it as humour to put themselves down, this does not make you look more self confident.

Now you can’t control them, they still have the ability to make up their own mind about you, However self confidence Instructs them on how they should think about you, if they were ever on the fence about you to begin with.

So for example: Would you rather hang out with or follow someone who is putting themselves down OR would you rather follow someone who is happy with themselves?

We follow what others do:

People like things that lots of other people like. So if someone recommends a restaurant for you to try, and they say: “I LOVE this place it’s so good you should go and try it!” You’re going to want to try it right?

Self confidence makes it EASY for people to like us because if we like ourselves, then we are instructing others to like us.

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#3: Know that having self confidence suggests Leadership


As humans and pack animals, we want to find the leader and follow that leader. Self-confidence is not one of the traits of a leader. When someone is in a leadership space in our minds, we listen to them.

We follow them, and we try to help them and sometimes we emulate them. Have you ever been in a situation where you’re put into a random group, and the instructor says, ok pick a leader of the group, and everyone is wanting to pick a leader and everyone points to the same person?


#4 : It exudes positivity and positivity is always interesting and attractive.


We love to be around people who help us feel better. Self-confident people have positive thoughts about themselves, which in turn create positive thoughts towards others. Self-confident people do not feel the need to put others down or judge others to feel good about themselves. They are a joy to be around.

Haven’t you found that to be true?


No, we’re not talking about arrogant people. Let’s talk about that difference for a minute.

An arrogant person says, “I’m better than everybody else. They’re terrible. I’m wonderful.”

They come from that place of insecurity, trying to be better than everybody else. That is not self-confidence.

So to re-cap what you learned today, when you like yourself, you show up self confidently and you are able to make a better impression and help to instruct how others think and feel about you.

And when you show up like this you are subconsciously suggesting that you’re a leadership material, and that you’re well liked.

So before I go, I want to share a thought that can ignite your self confidence and that is “I’m more prepared than any other candidate for this interview, therefore I am going to crush it”

And if you do know how to prepare effectively, this will be extremely powerful for you because that will give you confidence that you have some information that you know for sure you can deliver confidently and that will definitely start to help.

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