A BIG Mistake My Co-worker Made

A BIG Mistake My Co-worker Made

A BIG Mistake My Co-worker Made


Our training class was divided up into groups; each group was sitting at round tables. We had just been assigned our group activity by the instructor, and were about to start planning our strategy.

My co-worker Kim just got up and walked out. And not just like she was going to the bathroom–she was MAD. She got up abruptly and stormed out out of the room, slamming the door behind her.

My co-workers and I looked at each other… “What the heck?” we thought to ourselves…


My co-worker Chad went after her. We figured he’d come back and let us know what was going on.

Preston, Laura and I stayed to continue with the group project. Chad didn’t return. So, I went to find both of them to see where they were and find out what the heck was going on.

I found them both in the hallway, arguing.

Well, I thought they were arguing… To my surprise they were both really mad.

But not at each other.


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“What’s wrong?” I asked

Chad Yelled out angrily:“They are talking about organizations in the THOUSANDS, and we are sitting there counting on one hand HOW MANY PEOPLE ARE IN OUR I.T. DEPARTMENT!”

I still didn’t see the problem….

Sure, our company wasn’t huge, but who cares? We were at Change Management Training. We were there to learn to manage changes as our organization grew–I thought that was the point!

Kim said, “I can’t handle this! Chad’s right–this is ridiculous!”

Being someone who likes to avoid drama, I said, “OK, well, you guys do what you have to,” and I went back to the room to continue with the group assignment.

I didn’t need to know any more.


Preston and Laura asked what had happened to Kim, and I told them what had happened. To this day I’m not really sure…

The next thing I remember was our group standing out on the balcony, and Kim announced that she was leaving the training.

We all knew she had a vacation booked directly after the training. She had been so excited about it and had been talking about it nonstop on the flight, as we traveled together to the training. She had made reservations at prestigious hotels and restaurants and was planning to meet up with friends along the way.

My first question to her was, “Are you still going on your vacation?”

She replied abruptly, “Of course I am! It’s ALL non-refundable!”

In my head I was thinking “So is this training…. but that’s not stopping you from leaving…”

I thought the training was good. Kim and Chad didn’t. They thought they knew everything already, it was boring, and they didn’t need to hear all the stuff they already knew again.

We returned back to work after the training.

Kim was fired.


She had wasted company money by leaving the training. She needed to go through that training to succeed in her new role, and she had behaved very childishly.

Sometimes you think you might know something already.



But are you using the knowledge?

Are you applying it?

Are you living it?

Perhaps Kim thought she already knew enough and didn’t need to take the training? But there was more to learn that she didn’t stick around to see.

Maybe you know how to negotiate technically, but have you implemented it successfully?

It’s like reading a book on learning how to swim. After you’re done reading that book you can’t really jump in the pool and assume you’ll magically swim perfectly. You need to actually do it. You need to try it and see if what you read works, change what didn’t work, etc.

There is great danger in saying, “I know this already.” It means you’re closing your mind off to any new information, closing yourself off to any new ideas.

What else can you learn from the information?



There are often times when I have heard something that I believe I’m familiar with already, but if it’s communicated differently, I can learn one new thing, see it in a new light, and apply it to a new area of my life.

Successful people never say, “I know this already.” They know they will never know all there is to know about everything. They always keep an open mind to learning more. That is how they move to the next level of their success.

Which type of person are you?


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