How To Deal With FAILURE At Work | Failure In Your Career

How To Deal With FAILURE At Work | Failure In Your Career

How To Deal With FAILURE At Work | Failure In Your Career


In this video, I’m talking about dealing and how to handle failure at work. I love talking about failure.

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All right. Let’s start with the definition of failure, very simple, not actually that scary.

The omission of expected or required action.

That’s it. No big deal, right?
How To Deal With FAILURE At Work | Failure In Your Career

First thing, what are you making the failure mean about you?


Are you making it mean something personal about you?

Are you making it mean that, for example, the most common ones, you’re not good enough?

The reason people feel bad about failing is that they make it mean something specific about them.

So maybe they made it mean that they were not a good employee, or that they were not cut out for this, or that they weren’t going to ever be able to do it, or that they should have known better.

Is this sounding familiar?

If it was just something that happened, if it was neither good nor bad and it was just neutral, then could you see it differently then?

Was just something that happened.

Okay, that’s neutral data. That didn’t work. That particular thing didn’t work.

What’s next? Totally different, right?
How To Deal With FAILURE At Work | Failure In Your Career

Second, failure is labeled as a bad thing, but I’m not really sure why.


Failing is a part of getting to success.

Each time we fail, we get closer to the success that we want. We learn something if we choose to.

For example, in school, when we get an F on a paper, we’re often shamed or told to put that away, like, oh, that’s awful, instead of really digging into it and seeing, well, what happened? How to deal with that?

What were the questions that you got wrong?

What were the questions that you got right? Why did you get an F on this? Was it justified?

Sometimes with creative papers, somebody might like it, one teacher might like it, another teacher might not like it, right?

There’s a whole bunch of things that come into play.

Failing is not a bad thing, but we’re taught that it is, right?

But the truth is we need it. We need to fail in order to learn so that we can succeed.

So stop labeling failure as a bad thing and see it as something that you need in your life in order to learn in order to get to the next level.
How To Deal With FAILURE At Work | Failure In Your Career

Third, what if failure were just no big deal?


What if it was literally part of the process, was just worked in as part of the steps to getting to where you want to go, right?

If I said, “I have a step-by-step process, and the first step is you’re probably going to try this and fail.”

It’s okay.

What happened there?

And you just look at it, and you look at the neutral data, like you didn’t hit your numbers for a campaign and a marketing campaign for example, and you look at that and just focus on seeking out the information that you needed instead of shaming yourself or beating yourself up for something that didn’t go the way that you planned.
How To Deal With FAILURE At Work | Failure In Your Career

Number four, what if the failure was neutral?


So what if you separated out all the facts of the failure, like the numbers, your boss’s exact words, for example, but just the facts and use that for information as to what you would do next time?

No drama, no, I’m not good enough, or I didn’t make the cut, or I’m never going to be able to do this, or I’m not cut out for this, or I don’t have the skills, or I’m not good enough.

None of that, just, okay, what went wrong?


How do we prevent it?

Super cut and dry, if you could just separate all the emotion and all the facts.

Failure doesn’t actually mean anything except for what you make.

It means it only makes you feel bad when you make it mean something about you, your capability, your ability as a human, your worth.

It only feels real, really bad when you make it feel when you make it something about you. And sometimes we do that, and that’s okay.

I have another post that I just created called Dealing with a Professional Failure, that kind of a failure where it really affects you badly, because I’ve been through that too, where you fail and you’re like, “Okay, I can’t get over this failure. This is really hard to get over.”

That’s true, too.

But what I want to bring to your attention is that we can fail every day, and we’re learning, and we’re stepping towards our success.

Yes, some failures are really big and they might feel like they’re career debilitating.

They’re not. But yes, they can feel bad. But I’m talking about failing on a day-to-day basis is not a big deal.

Didn’t hit your numbers? Okay, go back and look, figure it out, try again.
How To Deal With FAILURE At Work | Failure In Your Career

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