How To Think Confidently To Get The Results You Want

How To Think Confidently To Get The Results You Want

How To Think Confidently To Get The Results You Want


In the last post I talked about what you are thinking, I talked about the sentence in your head, and how that is the root cause of your lack of confidence.



So first step is identify what your thought is.

For Example: For me a thought I had a lot was “I’m too fat to get that job, they will probably want to hire a skinny person.”

From working with many clients these could be some potential thoughts:


  • I’m not qualified enough,

  • There are lots of other people better than me for this,

  • Who am I to get this job,

  • They are not going to like me because I’m (insert whatever your thought is here).


Just like these thoughts don’t serve you, mine wasn’t useful to me, and it wasn’t even true.

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If you do love reading, let’s get back to it…


It was a story I made up in my head, that made me feel crappy and made me show up in a way that didn’t help me get the results I wanted.

So this is how I went about changing it and this is an example for you to fill in whatever your thought was…

And as a side note, Getting skinny was not the answer, because even if that did fix my self confidence problem, If I have an interview tomorrow I can’t really do anything about my weight for the next day, so I dealt with it by managing my mind and this is what I thought.

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So instead of: I am too fat they probably want to hire a skinny person… I thought:


  • My weight has nothing to do with the work I can produce

  • What I look like has nothing to do with my personality or anyone’s ability to see my value

  • I am really good at xyz and I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that I’m capable of doing this job very well

  • I know for a fact that I would be fantastic for this job and it’s my job to show them that


So The kicker is you do have to believe the thoughts, I couldn’t’ say for example:

I am skinny. I am skinny I am skinny, because I don’t believe that and I can’t tell myself that and make myself feel confident because I don’t believe that’s true.

So that would have not helped me since I didn’t believe it to be true. So I shifted the thoughts to things that would help me, which ultimately had to do with my capability to serve and do well in this job, which IS something that I 100% believe with all my heart.

So then, you can see that Once I started thinking these different thoughts, I started to feel a lot better about going into the interview, I showed up differently, and the results I got were different.


Examples of what you might want to think to shift your thoughts into a confident place inside your head:


  • I am really good at spreadsheets

  • I have planned events before so I know I have value to bring

  • No matter what happens I am going to succeed

  • I know this interviewer so I’ll be seeing a friendly face

  • I know someone that works here already so that’s in my favour

  • I have gotten callbacks for interviews before so that means I could get a callback for this one

  • If I get this job they will be happy that they hired me

  • They are interviewing me so that means that I already have what it takes on paper


Once I start focusing on those thoughts instead of my thoughts of I’m too fat, I’m not good enough.

I start to build up the confidence in my head and then that reflects on how I show up and it reflects the results that I will get and how I feel about those results.


In conclusion


And there you have it, How to think confidently to get the results you want including an example from myself.

So before I go, I want to share a thought that can ignite your self confidence and that is “I’m more prepared than any other candidate for this interview, therefore I am going to crush it!”

And if you do know how to prepare effectively, this will be extremely powerful for you because that will give you confidence that you have some information that you know for sure you can deliver confidently and that will definitely start to help.

So with that said I’d like to offer you my free Ultimate Interview preparation guide!


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  • Now you’ll need to come up with your own stories! (You can steal the ones in the guide if they apply to you though too, I don’t mind)


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And remember, the current system isn’t perfect, but you can outsmart it. I’m here to prove to you that you do have what it takes.


I’ll see you next time and I can’t wait!


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