Ep #177: Prioritizing Conversations over Applications: A Client Success Interview with Lizzie Campanella

My guest this week experienced a significant shift in her career, landed an amazing role she loves, and she’s here to share her experience with all of us. Lizzie Campanella is a UX designer who created success by prioritizing conversations over applications. Focusing on conversations will open up new career opportunities no matter what field […]

Ep #175: Quantifying Success to Communicate Aligned Value: A Client Success Interview with Ninon Laforce

This week, I’m joined by my wonderful client Ninon Laforce. Ninon joined the 6-Figure Curriculum and landed a six-figure premium role that she loves in just two months. She’s generously sharing exactly how she created this amazing opportunity for herself and showing us what’s possible when you start quantifying your success and communicating your aligned […]