Ep #128: The VCVC Method

Get Six Figure Job You Love Natalie Fisher | The VCVC Method

There are two requirements for getting where you want to go in your career, and the way to hit both is by using the VCVC Method: value creation and value communication. If you want offers, raises, promotions, and to continue upleveling throughout your career, you need to understand how you can bring value to an organization, and how to clearly communicate that value to a potential employer.


One of the biggest obstacles to the VCVC method is that so many of us don’t want to communicate our value. We don’t want to brag and risk sounding arrogant. But when you show up to interviews in that energy, just hoping they see your value instead of clearly communicating it, landing a premium role is impossible.


Tune in this week to discover how to use the VCVC method to land your next raise, promotion, or premium offer. I’m sharing how to connect to the value you have to offer and fix your thoughts around communicating your value to others, so you can be on fire in your next interview or performance review.



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What You’ll Learn from this Episode:


  • The difference between your inherent value as a human versus the value you create for an employer.
  • Why not being clear on your value creation and value communication will keep you stuck underearning in your career.
  • How so many people don’t communicate their value because they don’t want to sound arrogant.
  • Why it’s your responsibility to show and communicate your value in an interview, not convince them of your value.
  • How to start using the VCVC method and where to go if you need more help with your value creation and value communication.


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