Ep #185: How to Regret-Proof All Your Decisions

Get Six Figure Job You Love and Thrive Natalie Fisher | How to Regret-Proof All Your Decisions

If you have regrets from your past and are afraid you’ll make more decisions that you regret moving forward in your career, this episode is for you. This is a spiral that too many people get stuck in; it doesn’t feel good and isn’t helping you land a premium role that you love. It’s time to discuss how to regret-proof your decisions.


You can regret-proof both your past choices and your future decisions. I truly believe it’s possible to never experience regret again.


Tune in this week to learn how to regret-proof all of your past and future decisions. You’ll learn why regret is a choice we make without realizing it, and I’m sharing tips and practices for beginning to think of your choices as experiments, providing you with a new approach to decision-making without the fear of regret.



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What You’ll Learn from this Episode:


  • Why I believe it’s possible to never experience regret again.
  • The value of thinking about your decisions as experiments.
  • Where regret really comes from and why it doesn’t come from our choices.
  • Why you never truly know whether or not you’ll regret a decision.
  • The lessons you can learn from each decision you make.
  • Why it’s impossible to create a fulfilling life and career without experiencing some level of failure.
  • How to decide ahead of time that you aren’t going to regret your choices.


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