Ep #124: Adding 200K Worth of Value with Mike Ferry

Get Six Figure Job You Love Natalie Fisher | Adding 200K Worth of Value with Mike Ferry

This episode is the first in a Where Are They Now series where you’ll hear from some familiar voices. Each of these clients has been on the show before, and they’re back to share the compounded value they’ve experienced over the past year since they started applying the work and all the other tools they learned in my program.


Today, you’ll hear from Mike Ferry. He’s the inspiration for this series because he has applied the tools in incredible ways on his search for his premium offer. He’s serious about results, and just listening to his story will help you see where you need to put in the work so you can intentionally create the results you want in your career.


Tune in this week to discover the mindset shifts that have allowed Mike to get amazing results a lot quicker than he’d originally thought possible. He’s discussing the importance of distancing yourself from the noise in your mind so you can decide who you want to be and what’s possible for you, and the compounded value of being in the 6-Figure Curriculum.



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What You’ll Learn from this Episode:


  • The compound effect of applying the work we do in the 6-Figure Curriculum.
  • How Mike has progressed since his last appearance on the podcast and the offers he was able to secure.
  • Why Mike feels like he’s finally found his groove in his professional life.
  • Some of the realizations Mike has had around the things he used to think of as weaknesses.
  • Mike’s tips to stop identifying too strongly with the negative thoughts in your mind.
  • The specific work Mike did in understanding and reprogramming his beliefs around what’s possible for him.
  • How Mike focused on his level of clarity, and why confidence in his new role naturally followed.
  • Mike’s thoughts about his before and after and his advice to anyone listening who wants to change how they’re searching for their premium role.


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