Should You Share If You’re Reviewing Other Offers?

Should You Share If You're Reviewing Other Offers?

Should You Share If You’re Reviewing Other Offers?


In this post I’ll talk about The 3 reasons why should share that you’re reviewing other offers when you’re interviewing so: Stay tuned.

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#1 If you are considering other offers it gives you leverage to negotiate


You always want to prioritize the best fit for you first above all else. I have another post on how to identify the right fit which I’ll link to below if you’re interested.


When you’re considering other offers, you CAN use these other offers to negotiate a higher salary, definitely use the offers and even play them off of each other to get the best possible offer for you.


It’s a great position to be in and if you do it right then you will come out ahead.

Most people don’t’ know how to handle this and so they don’t get the most out of their opportunities.


#2 You are showing them that you’re a highly sought after candidate


Once they know you’re considering other offers you instantly become a more valuable candidate in their eyes.

You’re now someone who’s in demand and they will be willing to work harder to get you working for them.


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#3 Your confidence goes up (and it shows)


When you’re in this enviable position to have multiple offers you’ll be feeling very good about yourself and those feelings attract good things your way.

However you need to know how to handle the situation in a way that doesn’t put a bad taste in anyone’s mouth.

The point is that no one can blame you for negotiating and weight your options. Anyone would do the same and I encourage it! But the way that you go about it is important.



In conclusion


And there we have it. I hope you enjoyed this post and found it helpful.


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