How To Develop Perseverance To Achieve Greatness (In Your Career And Life)

How To Develop Perseverance To Achieve Greatness (In Your Career And Life)

How To Develop Perseverance To Achieve Greatness (In Your Career And Life)


Hey, in this post, I’ll talk about how to develop the perseverance you need to achieve greatness in whatever your focus is right now and whatever your big goal is.
How To Develop Perseverance To Achieve Greatness (In Your Career And Life)

Whether that be in career, in your business, or in whatever your big goal is right now, that’s what we’re going to talk about.

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The first thing, be willing to suck at first.


This doesn’t sound very fun, but it’s part of the process. You can’t really skip it. So for example, with interviews, lots of people go on a few interviews and then they give up.

They say, “This isn’t working, this isn’t going to work for me. I’m going to quit for a bit. I’m going to take a break.” They say, or, “I’m going to stop for now.”

Maybe they want to make a career transition. Like some of my clients, maybe they want to start a business.

Maybe they send out a few resumes, they talk to some people, they get some interviews, but they don’t get an offer.

And then they get tired, they get discouraged, and then they quit. And then they come back to it.

But by that time, they’re demotivated, discouraged, and they’re already thinking, “This didn’t work last time. I’m not going to be able to do it.”

And they repeat that pattern over and over and over again.

And they just habitually stay in that pattern.

I’ve been there quite a bit myself, but I figured out how to achieve success, how to keep in it, stay in massive action.

And that’s what I’m going to talk about today.
How To Develop Perseverance To Achieve Greatness (In Your Career And Life)

The second really important thing is, is you need to evaluate the results.


Evaluate the results that you are getting now.

Say you go on an interview, what worked really well? What was really good about it? What didn’t work so well?

What would you do differently next time?

That’s where you start and you evaluate yourself and how you showed up and what you’d like to learn from that experience.

And you take those lessons and you go back out there and you do it again.
How To Develop Perseverance To Achieve Greatness (In Your Career And Life)

Number three, prepare yourself for the ride.


Understand upfront that if you’re trying to do something like make a career transition where you don’t have a ton of experience at first, or you’re trying to build a business, or you’re trying to lose weight or anything that’s challenging, it’s probably going to take longer than you thought it was going to take.

It’s probably going to be harder than you thought it was going to be.

And it’s not easy. That’s why a lot of people don’t do it. That’s why a lot of people give up.

Keep trying, but don’t actually do it because they’re wasting a lot of time giving up and they’re wasting a lot of time not being motivated and not having the inspiration to keep them going.
How To Develop Perseverance To Achieve Greatness (In Your Career And Life)

Just accept that it’s going to probably be challenging and that is okay.


When you are buckled up for a challenging ride, you are a lot more motivated to go and find the things that you need in order to get through it, find the information that you need and just keep going until you get there.

For example, when I started my YouTube channel in the beginning, no one was listening. I had two views on my first video and it was my mom who’d viewed it and me.

And I tried to refresh the screen a few times, so maybe I’d get a few more views.

That’s when it was hard. That’s when it would have been really easy to stop and be like, “Okay, well, you know what?

I tried and it didn’t work. There are so many YouTube channels with so many people teaching about the same career stuff. This is just not going to work.”

That was really easy to do, but that’s when I really needed to keep going.

Whenever that moment is for you, when it’s hardest, whenever that moment is when your brain starts to kick in and tell you all that stuff is when you need to redirect it and say, “But this is what I really want. It’s 100% possible. What would I need to think to keep going?”

Then your brain starts getting ideas.
How To Develop Perseverance To Achieve Greatness (In Your Career And Life)

Number four. Recognize that you have a higher brain and a lower brain and what each one does.


I’m going to explain that. Your lower brain, you may have heard of it before, has a bunch of names.

It’s called the monkey brain, the reptilian brain, the animal brain.

It wants to keep you safe.

For example, when you go on an interview, it’s going to be kicking in that self-doubt.

Your higher brain says, “Yes, we need to keep going on interviews because we want that end result.”

Your lower brain keeps you safe. It says, “You got rejected at that interview. I don’t think we should go on anymore. Just stay safe. Just keep the job you have. Just stay where you are.

Everything is fine. You don’t need to do it anymore. It’s dangerous out there. And if you go do that again, you might die,” right?

Your higher brain says, “But you really want more for your life, don’t you? Don’t you want to make more money? And don’t you want to have more fulfilling work?

And don’t you want to help more people? And don’t you want to work on interesting projects? Let’s do that again because we know we’re going to get there.”

And then your lower brain is fighting with it saying, “No, no, no, we don’t have to. We can just stay here. It’s safe.”
How To Develop Perseverance To Achieve Greatness (In Your Career And Life)

Recognize that your lower and higher brain have different agendas and you got to get your higher brain to tell your lower brain to chill out. Okay?


Recognize that that’s what’s going on and that’s our humanness and that’s our responsibility.

Our lower brain is there because say if we’re being chased by someone with a weapon, our lower brand is going to be like, “Get out of there. You’re not safe.”

And that’s a useful response.

But when it comes to going out on stage and giving a public speech, our lower brains doing the same thing, it’s saying, “Get out of there. That’s scary. You might die, people might judge you.”

But you’re really going to be fine.

That’s just an emotion, right?

You can see the lower brain has a very useful purpose and it’s good that we have it, but for most cases in our life, it’s not serving us.

The way that we persevere is we get our higher brain to tell our lower brain to chill out.

You know, I hear you, but I’m not listening right now because I know that the worst I can feel is a feeling.

And I’m okay with that.
How To Develop Perseverance To Achieve Greatness (In Your Career And Life)

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