The Key To Getting Job Offers Using The Equalizer Strategy

The Key To Getting Job Offers Using The Equalizer Strategy


The Key To Getting Job Offers Using The Equalizer Strategy


If the idea of begging for a job, makes you sick in your mouth a little bit:


  1. You’re not alone


  3. You’re gonna love this post

In this post I’ll share some of my most concrete insights on how to grab your confidence and take her with you to the job interview & make her come through in your writing!



A bit of background for you first:


Long before I ever started my business (and created Get Hired Like A Boss), my first work-related love (besides collecting stationary & office supplies #nerdbomb) was finding jobs!


I was totally THAT girl who would go into every business; ask to speak to the manager and start talking her way into a job.

I loved meeting someone knew, finding out what they did, how they got there and how I could help them. Loved it!


My love of chatting with staff & business owners and managers eventually led me to the great jobs I’ve enjoyed throughout my life, including Receptionist at a Law firm, Legal Assistant at a different law firm (where I was head hunted essentially), Events Coordinator, Personal Assistant which lead to Executive Assistant, Office Administrator, then Office Manager and now HR Professional/Office Manager for xMatters.


I eventually started this business to help ambitious women like myself get the jobs & salaries they deserve, and to show them what’s really possible even if it looks hopeless at times.


Many times I had government career coaches tell me what I wanted to do would never work, or I would never get a job at the salary I wanted with my skills and experience.

Well guess what guys? I did it, and not just once but again and again, and I’m not the only one.

Anyways, now that my rant is over.



In a (Pea) nut shell


It’s not difficult; it really starts with the belief in you.

If you want to equal the playing field, the most important thing you can do is to turn the ‘scripted question answer model’ into a real life human conversation.


The more comfortable you are with asking your own questions the more information you can get about how you’re really going to be able to help this employer or hiring manager with what they really need to accomplish.


The more curious you are about the employer’s stress points when you go into speak with them, the better chance you will have.


Fun & humour is a good thing too, and Yes it is possible to have fun in a job interview.



You’ll see.


You’ll make a better first (and last) impression if you can actually engage in a conversation, instead of what most candidates do, which is answer the questions that have been rehearsed, and prepared for throughout the history of interviewing (yes most answers they hear are along the same lines, boring & repetitive)


I was a hiring manager and I’ve sat in hundreds of interviews, so I can tell you that for a fact is true.


You’re an advisor & you know what you’re talking about not a “job seeker” who needs to beg the employer for a job.

Think of yourself as the helper, not the one who needs the help. When you have some good questions and really want to know the answers to them, you’ll be set to help in a very real way.

THIS is what will set you far apart from others they talk to.

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Your opinion matters, how you approach a situation differently than anyone else matters! Your stories matters. Your voice matters.


Most people only interview a few times in their life, and no one is born with that skill or talent. Applying, interviewing and hiring is a man made procedure, something we created and made what it is today.

Plus no two interviews are exactly the same!


The difference between those who stand out and those who are forgotten, is the frame in which you see yourself when you enter the scene of an interview.


Most people play a role. They are yes woman or the yes-man. Sound familiar? No more of that! You know a thing or two about your field and you can share some expertise, knowledge, insights and ultimately add some different flavour to the place you’ll end up working at.

If you’re reading this post I’m pretty confident that you’re not a robot or a zombie.


You’re 100% able to get a job that works for you! (Even if you don’t think you can) That was before you knew me.





It might start out exciting at first, but trust me (being a hiring manager in a past life) and hiring over 6 people. It is a grueling process.

Talking with person after person, with the same questions being asked in the room each and every time. Hey! I got bored.


I will tell you one thing though, when someone stood out they really stood out! That’s why when you use this approach you REALLY stand out. (Because people don’t do this)

How do you approach interviewing?


If you’re nervous, it’s ok to say that. I once said at the end of an interview (where I was later hired)


“If I appear really nervous it’s probably because I am.” Everyone in the room laughed and it broke the tension. I KNEW they were sensing it.


It feels a lot better to just acknowledge it, rather than leave and let the thoughts go on in your head. (You know the ones I’m talking about)


At the end of the day keep in mind that you’re just a human going in to meet some other humans who all have flaws, struggles and lives beyond the office.

You’re there to offer to help them out with some stresses they’ve been having and that’s really nice of YOU to take the time to speak with them. NOT the other way around





Decide that you’ll bring yourself to your next interview. Don’t dress in something you would never want to wear to work, for example, or say something you don’t mean.


Don’t pay attention to your interviewers reaction, as much as you pay attention to the questions you want to get the answers to regarding the job, & the information they give you.

That stuff is gold. That gives you the magic fairy dust you need to blow them away.



In conclusion


And there you have it 3 Q’s To Answer Before You Send In An (Other) Resume!

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I’ll see you next time and I can’t wait!


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– XO Natalie