Ep #191: The 3 Steps to Maximum Impact

Get Six Figure Job You Love and Thrive Natalie Fisher | 3 Steps to Maximum Impact

In last week’s episode, I briefly touched on the three steps to maximum impact. Today, I’m going deeper, showing you how these three steps help you make massive changes in your life and career, and helping you put them into practice until you achieve what you want.


Most of us aren’t taught the tools to become aware of our own minds, what we’re thinking, and how we can change our thought patterns. We don’t challenge our thoughts nearly as much as we need to. You get to intentionally program your control center (your brain), and when you do, you can start creating real impact in your career.


Tune in this week to discover the three steps to maximum impact when going after your career goals. I’m sharing how to identify the thoughts and stories that are holding you back, and you’ll learn how to intentionally manage your mind, leaving your brain free to come up with amazing ideas that align with what you want and will ultimately create value in your future.



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What You’ll Learn from this Episode:


  • Why people generally don’t question their thoughts as often as they should.
  • The difference between the story you tell yourself about something and the facts of the situation.
  • Why unmanaged thoughts lead to you doubting your ability to succeed.
  • How to see where your brain needs an upgrade in pursuit of the results you want to create.
  • Why you can’t control others but can have an intentional effect on them.
  • 3 steps to making the maximum impact in your career.


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