Ep #83: The Get a 5K Raise Challenge

The Get a Six Figure Job You Love Podcast with Natalie Fisher | The Get a 5K Raise Challenge


How do you feel about getting a raise? If it makes you feel uncomfortable, or you have been putting off asking for one, I want to tell you that there is never going to be a good time. Now is as good a time as any, so why not take part in the Get a 5K Raise Challenge?


Your challenge is simple: ask your company for a 5K raise. Get clear on why you really feel you deserve that raise and communicate it. They might say no, and you should be prepared for this, but you don’t have to let it end there. There are some questions you can ask next, and I’m sharing what they are this week.


In this episode, I’m inviting you to take part in the Get a 5K Raise Challenge and showing you how to show yourself the strength you deserve to ask for a raise. Learn how to get more comfortable with feeling discomfort, and how to get fully clear on your value and communicate it until you get one.


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What You’ll Learn from this Episode:


  • How to stop devaluing yourself when you don’t get a raise.
  • Why you need to ask uncomfortable questions to get the information you need to get a raise.
  • How to stop justifying why  your company can’t give you a raise.
  • Why it’s not about the hours you put into your work, but the effort and value you bring.
  • How to learn from experiences of not getting a raise.
  • Why the longer you go feeling undervalued the more your brain will believe it.
  • How to strengthen your muscle for discomfort.


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This is the Get a Six-Figure Job You Love Podcast. This is episode 83, The Get a 5k Raise Challenge. Hey there, welcome to the Get a Six-Figure Job You Love Podcast. I’m your host, Natalie Fisher. I’m a certified career mindset coach who also happens to want to skip all the BS and get to what it really takes to create real results for you in your career. On this podcast, you will create real mindset shifts that will lead to big results and big changes in your career and your income. No flub here. If you want to get a six-figure job you love and create real concrete results in your industry and make a real impact, you’re in the right place. Are you ready? Let’s go.
Hello. Today, is a very exciting day. We are going to talk about getting you a raise. How do you feel about that? So my first question is that, how do you feel about getting a raise? So this episode is inspired by several people who email me, one in particular, who emailed me a question, and it says, “How do you handle receiving a raise you asked for, but then it was way less than you wanted? That doesn’t seem negotiable to me.” So this is a belief that you have is like, “Oh, it’s not negotiable. This happened, right?” And this happens even before you go in, right? So a lot of my clients, even before they go in, they’re nervous. A lot of the times they’re not feeling worthy of their raise in the first place. They’re not feeling aligned with asking for this extra money. They want this extra money, but they’re not feeling deserving of it somewhere.
So first, you need to ask yourself, is that you? Do you feel scared to ask because you think they’re going to say no? Do you think they have a good reason to say no? What are your feelings on the matter? You’re genuine, honest feelings on the matter, right? You might say, they really need to pay me more, I’ve been doing way more work here. I know they need to pay me more. But then you might say, yeah, but they might not be able to because they don’t have the budget. They can’t. Right? And if you believe that’s true, then you’re going to be more understanding of them instead of pushing for your value no matter what. So if you really believe that you deserve to be making, let’s say 5K more. I’m going to use the 5k raise example here because 5k is a raise that isn’t a lot for companies.
Okay? So even if you think it is right now, I’m going to tell you 5k a year more is not a lot for a company. It’s like peanuts is not a big deal. Of course, you can shoot for more. And I encourage my students to. And a lot of them have gotten huge raises up to $78,000 raises and bonuses and all that stuff. But for the purpose of this challenge, we’re going to talk about it in 5k terms. But definitely there is more where that came from. So, the problem that we have is, we’re often justifying why they can’t give us a raise. That’s where we start. And that’s a problem for you because when you’re thinking about why they, can’t, why they might not be able to, then you’re not thinking about what you can provide that would actually pay for your raise, right?
Because if you get a 5k raise and you’re like, okay, I’m going to ask for this 5k extra, this is the extra value I’m going to provide for this 5k. You shouldn’t have any reservations about asking for that 5k. Cause it’s like saying, “I’m going to make you a bigger pie and I’m just going to ask for a bigger piece of it”. Right? So you’re like, I’m going to come in here and I’m going to save you 5k. This is exactly how I’m going to do it. And I’m asking you to pay me that 5k in salary. Right? And that’s probably not going to be super compelling on its own. So you want to offer more. You’re going to be like, I’m going to save you 10K. And I’m asking for 5k in salary, more. Right? But you can see how this works. Right? Logically speaking, it’s very difficult to say no to if you illustrate it this way.
Right? But people don’t think about it this way. They normally think about it, like I just deserve more. It’s very vague, it’s very wishy washy in their own head. So they don’t have a very specific reason. They don’t feel aligned. They don’t feel deserving. They don’t feel worthy. They’re like, I don’t really know why I just know I deserve more. I know I’ve been putting in all these extra hours for example, and it’s hours don’t equate to value. Someone could work 12 hour days and not accomplish very much. And someone could work six hour days and accomplish more than the person did in 12 hours. It’s not about the hours. So
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first, we have to get clear on our own feelings about the matter, and be clear on why we’re going in to ask for that raise and feeling really solid in our ask. Okay. And then be prepared for the fact that they might say no, be totally prepared for that and unfazed by it.
Okay. So, what we normally would do is when we’re not prepared is be like, okay, no problem, you’re right. I’ll just go work harder. Sorry I asked, nevermind. Okay, bye. Right? And then we go get sad, keep working hard, be bitter resentful. Be like, oh I’m just working for nothing, who cares? They don’t even appreciate me. They don’t even value me. Right? And why this doesn’t work is because you end up working for less, you end up blaming them. But it’s really, it comes back to you, because you didn’t make a case that was compelling enough for them to say, oh my God, I have to pay them this much more. Of course, I don’t want them to leave. They’re adding so much value. Of course, we have to figure out a way to get them a raise. Right? You didn’t do that.
Right? But a lot of people are going back beating themselves, being resentful, being unhappy that they didn’t get this raise. Right? And so what’s created is resentment and blaming and just unhealthy feelings and devaluing of yourself through this process. Right?
Instead of being like, okay, they didn’t give me the raise this time. I need to figure out why. And I need to figure out why they didn’t give it to me or why they didn’t feel like I was deserving of what I asked for. And I need to figure out what my next steps are in getting it right. It’s keeping that belief going. That’s what I talk about, it’s not really a belief, unless it stands up to a test of reality. So if you believe you can get a 5k raise and then you go in and you get a two point 5k raise and you’re like, oh, I didn’t get it.
I don’t know how I’m going to negotiate that. That’s just not going to be possible. Well then your belief of getting a 5k raise was just a fleeting fantasy. It was like, that would be nice. It wasn’t really a belief. If it was a belief, then you’d come back to the drawing board. You’d be like, okay, so what’s it going to take? And I’m going to teach you how to handle this in the moment so that you will have this information right away. So, the alternative solution is to be prepared for the now, be prepared for them to say no, because on your first ask, you might nail it. Like my clients do. There’s a process inside my program that teaches you every tool for how to get that raise, how to use every tool, how to have a response for everything that they are going to say. But if you don’t, say you’ve already gone and you have been turned down or you got less than what you wanted.
Right? At that point, what you need to do is you need to say, okay, what will it take to get me to this point in salary? What would you need to see from me to get to this point in salary? When do you see that happening? Right? But then you have some information, right? Then you have some, some meat to work with. You have something for your brain to chew on instead of being like, okay. And then just leaving it, vague, leaving it, wishy washy, leaving it like, okay, well whenever you know, whatever. Instead, you’re like, okay, so what’s it going to take? Right? What do you need to see, what needs to happen? Right? And that way you have very clear concrete information as to what you need to go and do. Right? And then you can go make it happen, right? And then you’re just going to come back with a stronger case next time.
Or maybe you’ll be like, I’ve already done that look at this. You might be like, yeah, I’ve done that, this is what I’ve achieved. Right? And then you get into that conversation. But the point is you strengthen your muscle every time that you do it, you don’t weaken your muscle. Right? It’s like when we’re lifting weights and our muscle is sore the next day it’s supposed to be, and we know why it is and we’re happy about it, because we’re like, oh, it’s getting stronger right? We don’t let it debilitate us in the way, we’re like, oh, I can’t do anything now my muscles are sore. I’m just going to, never work out again because that hurt. Right? We’re going to be like, and it’s because we know the reason. Right? So it’s like, if you go in and ask for a raise and you don’t get it, but you get all this really great information.
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Like you get a clear understanding of what’s necessary. You get a clear understanding of what they need to see from you. And then maybe even you tell them that you’ve done that already. This is strengthening your muscle. And yes, it might feel a bit uncomfortable. I say to my clients, yeah, it’s the equivalent of a leg cramp for a few minutes to get an extra $5,000 or $10,000 or whatever it is you’re asking for. Right? And you get to feel it and be like, okay, that’s strengthening of my muscle. That makes me stronger for the next time I go to ask for a raise versus, oh, I’m not worthy. I can’t imagine I even asked for that. How could I have even thought of that? Right? And that’s where you weaken your muscle, because then your brain’s like, I don’t want to go do that again.
They’re just going to say no. Right? But they are going to keep saying no until you present the value in a way where they can’t say no, right? Where you’re like, wow, this person added so much value. If they don’t get the raise, I’m afraid they’re going to leave because why wouldn’t they leave? They’re amazing, they should be getting that much money. Right? And so what you’re going to need are, the skill of courage, of asking those uncomfortable questions right in the room, on the spot. Right? And knowing that you’re not going to just back down immediately before you at least get that information that you need. Right? Knowing that by asking those questions, you are showing strength. You’re not just somebody who crumbles and says, okay, nevermind, whatever. Right? Because in that moment you become less valuable to yourself. Your brain says, well, you are not worth that much, you should have never asked for that. Right?
Instead of the opposite where you’re saying, okay, well, why not? What’s it going to take? Right? And so the results that you create for yourself, by going through that process, instead you create the strength to continue to ask until you get it, whether it be there, whether it be somewhere else, it forces you to get clear on your value. Because, you have to go present something that you feel is worth more than the value you’re asking for. And if you can’t do that, if you don’t know how to do that, get inside my program. That is what we do. But it’s what I’m teaching you. So you need to be clear on that so that you can get a raise so that you can get a job offer at a higher rate. So that you can move forward.
Right? You need to be clear on it. So you can do any of those things. So here’s the challenge, you ask for a raise wherever you are right now, get clear, go and do the “ask”. Okay. So if you have a review coming up or if you have a one-on-one meeting with your boss, coming up, start discussing it, be like, okay, I’d like to discuss my salary. And the challenge is putting the uncomfortable conversation forward and your brain will kick up a whole bunch of reasons. It’ll be like, well, I don’t want to do that right now. It’s not a good time. The budget, this that like, I’ll wait till I’m done this, this, that, the other right? Watch all those reasons that it’s going to give you. And if you’re someone who’s been putting off asking for a raise for a long time, then all the more reason to do it because there’s never going to be a good time.
You know, it’s always going to get put off till later, right? And if you’re always putting it off, till later, they’re going to always put it off till later, this is all the time that you could be making more money or you could be learning about what it’s going to take for you to present the case for you to make more money. Right? And again, unavoidable stuff, my friends, and it’s great when you do it. Right? Several of my clients have said, I’ve asked them. I’m like, okay, so what made you do it? They’ll do it, they’ll go, they’ll ask, they’ll always get a bit more. Sometimes they don’t get everything they wanted, but they always are proud of themselves. They’re happy that they got it right? Until, maybe they use the meet me halfway approach. It’s an approach I teach inside my program. They always get a bit more money.
Right? So they’re always feeling kind of happy, sometimes not, but that’s just the way that their thoughts are. They’re always feeling pretty good about themselves. Pretty proud of themselves for doing it. Right? Because, that in itself shows the belief you have in your own value. And that is where it all starts. Right? And that’s the biggest problem we have is, we don’t know. Yeah, I did that, but it wasn’t a big deal, everybody does that. Who cares, right? It’s like, yeah, they tell me that I’m doing great, but I
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don’t really believe them. And this is the first phase where you are. And that stops you from really getting to the next phase and the next phase, in a leadership position where you can really ask for more where you can really make an impact. That’s not where leaders are thinking.
They’re not thinking that they don’t add very much value. They’re not unaware of what they do. They’re not in that realm of thinking. Right? But most people are, and that’s what stops them from getting to six figures. Right? Or stops them from getting to that next level of salary that they should have been at probably, years ago. But they just, we’re not comfortable going through that phase of discomfort, which is asking some questions that maybe you don’t want to ask. You’re afraid of the answers. This is all the stuff we look at inside the program. Right? So your challenge is simple. It’s just ask for a raise, ask for a 5k raise and get clear on why you really feel in your bones, you deserve that 5k raise. Have points available as to why, you might not need to use them when you talk to your manager, but have them for you.
Okay. And be prepared for them to say, no, they might say no. And then be prepared for what happens next. So don’t let it end at they said, no, okay, I’m leaving, have prepared what you’re going to do next. So you’re going to ask them, okay, what would it take to get me to that level? What needs to happen to get me to that level? Right? And there you’ll have a ton of information, right? So they might say, well, we would need to accomplish this, this, and this. And that sounds like it’d be within your control. So you’d be like, okay, great. Or you could be like, well, I’ve already done that, or we’ve already started on this. This is the plan for it. Or they might say, well, I don’t know, it depends on the budget, and it depends on this, and it depends on that.
And then you know that you might need to go somewhere else if you want to make that money, right? Maybe not. But you’ll see where the answer is at, right? And you’ll see how they respond, right? You’ll have so much more information about what moves you forward, right? Instead of just guessing, waiting, thinking that it might happen someday, being resentful or unhappy, otherwise feeling underappreciated, undervalued. Because the longer you go thinking and feeling undervalued and working for somebody who doesn’t appreciate you, either monetarily or with words or however it is, you like to be appreciated. The longer you go doing that, the more your brain tells you that you’re not worth it. That you’re not valuable, that like you don’t deserve it, because that’s what you’re telling it. That’s what you’re allowing. Right? It’s, you’re allowing that to continue on. And that’s supporting the evidence that for whatever reason, you don’t deserve that or you’re not aligned with it or you can’t get it.
Right? Which, is all a lie. So that’s your task for, so this is for anybody who says they can’t afford my program. They’re like, well, I really love to be in your program, but I can’t afford it. Go and ask for this raise, go and ask for this raise again. Right? Create the money to up level yourself. That isn’t always something that is available for you. And the other option is, go do the connection challenge. Right? And that coupled with this challenge, this is going to be what creates an up level for you. All right. My friends, thank you for participating in the challenge. I’d love to hear how it goes for you. Let me know, leave me a review. Let me know what results come from this. I can, can’t wait to hear your breakthroughs. Talk to you next week.
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And being more confident and just taking it as a conversation and with your guidance. I have been able to elevate myself in terms of my career direction and meeting the goal that I initially set with you, in
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terms of achieving this role, and the salary and the complete benefit package that came along with the job.
If I were to sum it up, I would say the most common thing people come to me with is, I’m going on interview after interview, after interview and I’m not getting the offer, what am I doing wrong? So I’ve put together a freebie where you can get this download completely free. It has the eight reasons that this is happening. And I break down each reason very specifically and how to fix it. So to grab that download, the link is in the show notes, you can click on that link. You just have to enter your information, it’s called The Eight Reasons You’re Not Getting Hired, and I will help you figure that out. I will see you in the freebie. Okay, talk to you soon.


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