Announcing: Get a Better Job in 30 Days – the Podcast!

Get a Better Job in 30 Days with Natalie Fisher

Welcome to Get a Better Job in 30 Days with Natalie Fisher!


This is a podcast for people who know they’re under-earning and know they can do more but something always seems to get in the way. I’ll teach you the mindset skills you need to finally set and achieve career goals that will help you create maximum impact and become a thought leader in your industry.


To celebrate the launch of the podcast, I’ll be giving away an amazing surprise gift basket filled with all my favorite things to some of my lucky listeners. Keep reading to find out how you can enter!


Get to know me and how this show will help you by listening to my first three episodes. You’ll learn some of my most powerful tools for finding a fulfilling career you love starting with a better job in 30 days.


I’ll be releasing a new episode every Monday!


Click the links below to listen to the first episodes:


  • Ep #1: How to Create Your Own Success and Land Your Dream Job–  The importance of mindset in landing your dream job and why your thoughts create your results. I’ll share some tips and advice to help you convey your value effectively and ensure that it’s a no-brainer for employers to hire you.


  • Ep #2: Decision Impotence–  Some tips and advice on how to make effective decisions. I’ll talk about why you should value growth over comfort, and why committing to big decisions will always be rewarded in the end.



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