Ep #203: A New Way to View Imposter Syndrome: Maximum Impact Series

Get Six Figure Job You Love and Thrive Natalie Fisher | A New Way to View Imposter Syndrome: Maximum Impact Series

When you’re making advancements in your career, stepping into a leadership role for the first time, or even just thinking about moving toward leadership, imposter syndrome is a super-common experience. So in today’s episode, I give you a new way to view imposter syndrome, so you can make the biggest impact possible in your career.


If you’re moving out of your comfort zone and doing something new, imposter syndrome is inevitable. But when you learn to expect your brain to give you thoughts that amount to imposter syndrome and you can think of this as being normal, then you can begin developing a new perspective.


Tune in this week to discover a new way to view imposter syndrome. I share why imposter syndrome doesn’t need to be a problem, what your brain is trying to tell you when you feel imposter syndrome, and you’ll learn how to reframe imposter syndrome so this feeling doesn’t hold you back in your career and your life in general.



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What You’ll Learn from this Episode:


  • Why it makes sense that you’ll experience imposter syndrome at different stages of your career.
  • How imposter syndrome thoughts creep in after you up-level in any area of your life.
  • Why I believe imposter syndrome isn’t a problem.
  • How to spot where your brain is obsessing and overcompensating around your imposter syndrome.
  • Why successful, ambitious people feel imposter syndrome more frequently than anyone else.
  • An amazing way to reframe imposter syndrome.
  • The skills required for powering through imposter syndrome.

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