You're basically struggling with the path to get there...

You know once you get into the role...

You can do it well & create the impact and results you were hired to.

Heck! You've already figured out a lot to get where you are now...

It’s the path to get there that’s challenging you.

  • The interviewing part, the part where there are humans judging you in a (zoom) room. That’s what you have a hard time with… Even though you know you’re good at what you do, (and can do way more)…
  • It’s the networking part, the part where you feel like you have to “bother people” & “ask people for help” that you have real trouble with…
  • The part where you need to “sell yourself” to other humans on a panel, who are in higher positions judging you and looking at you to prove yourself to them. 
  • The part where you're convinced they're thinking things like “We’ve had all these great candidates already that are more qualified than her” 
  • The part where you have to tell stories about yourself, in deep detail, and you’re not sure which to tell, what is powerful enough, or what they even want to hear when they ask certain questions…  


Nervous, tensed up & pressured to the point where you feel like you have to have ALL The answers perfectly scripted out, or you’re going to blow this opportunity, & that’s not something you can handle.

You fear they won’t think your stories are strong enough, or worse, that YOU aren’t a strong enough candidate. 

You fear everyone judging you, and that they will think you’re not good enough…

These fears have been haunting you for a while… and you haven’t found the answers yet. 

Well, You’re not alone & I’m very glad you found me 🤝

I’m Natalie Fisher and this is my work in the world.

Because the absolute truth is that you are completely good enough right now (Trust me I'll show you)...

You don’t need to change anything about yourself or your past. (You don't need more certifications or another degree either 😉)...

You only need to change HOW you talk about yourself and how you position yourself to the outside world.

And the way that I show you how to tackle these (very normal) fears.. starts with a basic principle not taught by any other career coaches. 


The good news is there is a clear answer to your current problem because:

  • Your current self-concept is the reason you’re struggling with these things in the first place 
  • Your self-concept is responsible for building or destroying your confidence
  • And the great news is that once we change it, the rest will get way easy ✅  (& I'll show you all that too)

If you’re in! This 4-day Workshop Experience with me will help you solve this for good. 

DAY #1 How to Develop Unshakable Self-Concept

(without changing a thing on your resume)

  • The 5 main things that block you from having the confidence to show your brilliance in interviews
  • How to stop unknowingly projecting a lack of confidence in interviews
  • How to stop letting past experiences dictate your future results
  • How to stop feeling unworthy when you are rejected for a job you were really excited about
  • The difference between Regular confidence and Self-confidence & which one is more important for succes

DAY 2 How To Create Abundant Opportunities

  • The ONLY 2 reasons you don't have your ideal role yet
  • The 5 ways you're in complete control of opportunities
  • The REAL Secret to finding & landing opportunities
  • The Myth of abundant opportunities (this has likely kept you feeling stuck until now) 
  • The truth about how hidden high paying job opportunities are accessed & created 
  • The biggest obstacle to creating ongoing opportunities & how to avoid it

DAY 3 The REAL Insider Secrets to Job Interviewing

  • How to stop fearing interviews (no more secretly wanting to re-schedule to have more time to prep) 
  • When you get the answers to these 3 Questions your chances of landing the job go way up
  • The 2 components of the most effective interviews (& how to embody each one naturally)
  • The 3 emotions you want to experience during an interview so that you can show up at your best (*hint* nerves is not one of them) 

DAY 4 Mastering The Money Talk 

  • The single most important thing you need to know to get the offer you want 
  • The truth about how people perceive your value
  • How to position yourself to negotiate salary confidently (no more being afraid to ask but confident to make a deal) 
  • The decisions you need to make before you get to the conversation so you’re prepared for any possible scenario

Natalie Fisher - Certified Career Mindset Coach


...Just from the info inside the FREE workshop!