Thriving in your career is a sustainable Habit.

Just like Struggling is, fearing, worrying, and stressing is too.

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There are two places you can be at, before you really learn to Thrive as a HABIT… 

#1 You’re successful, you know it, you’re in a role you love and you’re doing quite well but you’d like MORE, and you just don’t know what that looks like yet… 

You’re in a great place to expand and you know you have opportunities but you don’t want to make a “wrong move”

Do you wonder how soon or how often to ask for a raise or how to navigate the fact that you want to advance? Without ruining where you are now?

Do you want to feel confident to know how to go after what you really want?

Do you feel like you have things you want to say but you don’t know how to say them so you often don’t voice them at all? 

Do you feel as though you want to grow and challenge yourself more but you’re not sure what that looks like yet? 

Do you have a desire to lead, mentor others and have a deep impact by passing on your knowledge and sharing your areas of strengths with those who need them?

Do you feel people will judge you if you are too successful too quickly or easily? 

This is my one group of Thrivers that can resonate with this… 

The #2 place you can be at before you THRIVE is in a little bit of survival mode… 

You’ve got a job you’re in, & you want to get so much done, you want to be a top performer, but you feel like you’re fighting to keep afloat each day.

In that case, I want to ask you this: 

Does your job even though you enjoy it, feel exhausting, like it takes up a lot more of your energy than you’d like or weigh on you in the after-work hours?

Do you spend a lot of energy stressing about things you haven’t done yet, and feel you should have done when you’re at home doing everything else you need to do? 

Do you feel like you really want to exceed expectations but you’re not clear that you’re doing the best job you could be doing?

Do you wonder whether you could have handled that talk with your co-worker or your boss better?

If you resonate with either of these two (or maybe a little of both depending on the day!)

My friend you’ve landed in the right place.

Wherever you’re at. This mastermind is Uniquely designed to help you thrive.

You see navigating a successful career, a strategic intentional one, where you get to enjoy being yourself.

AND creating massive success, salary & impact is a skill and an art form. 

It requires heartfelt, honest yet sometimes assertive communication that instructs those around you how to treat you while respecting and appreciating each-others differences. 

My dad told me when I was very young, you don’t get what you don’t ask for.

And I took that to be fact.

So I’ve become very good at asking for:

🌟 Answers I need to questions to get my job done (no matter how silly they may seem) I need to ask.

🌟 Calling out uncomfortable truths relating to diversity, process improvement, and other people’s errors - In a neutral, respectful way. 

🌟 Respect for my time and energy because I believe it to be of high value and others see and treat it that way too.

🌟 The compensation that’s fair and relevant to the value I’m providing, 

🌟 Asking direct reports for whatever I need to know to help them get their work done.

By me having everything I needed I was able to create much more value much faster because I was not weighed down by wondering when I would get recognized, or when I’d get the raise I knew I deserved.

I wasn’t weighed down by wondering about something I was too afraid to ask, or a process that was slow or unfair, and keeping everyone stalled.

I wasn’t weighed down by being emotionally exhausted from putting energy into things or places that weren't required.

I had everything I needed to perform at my optimal levels and produce optimal results.

Because I asked for it and quickly figured out how to get it, sometimes I would give it to myself, and sometimes I worked it out with the organization. 

Through the process of confidently identifying, discussing, and asking for what I needed in a way that positioned me to get it. 

People thought I had an easy time because I made it look that way.

But the truth is I made
A LOT of mistakes and had A LOT of uncomfortable conversations before it was ever easy. 

But I believe everyone should be able to make their time at work easier. 

Because Thriving is our birthright.

Struggling is a lie many of us live with daily. 

I’m  Natalie Fisher.

I have navigated tough raise conversations including earning a 60k raise in one convo, I have worked with all types of people and said all kinds of things, I’ve told a senior leader he needed to work on his communication
(a good story for another day). 

🙌 I've set boundaries that work wonders

🙌 I’ve been fired, demoted, and in the wrong job more than once. 

🙌 I’ve worked in healthy cultures and toxic ones. 

🙌 I’ve cried in my boss's office when I couldn’t handle being

micromanaged anymore…

🙌 I’ve advocated for myself countless times when managers or colleagues have acted disrespectfully, ambiguously, or gotten in the way of my intentional results. 

🙌 I’ve become an HR leader with no official experience, through showcasing the work I’d done in a way the perceived value outweighed my crazy ask.

I speak my truth in a loving, collaborative yet just assertive enough way, and I created strong working relationships with even the most difficult of people. 

 I’ve also been a difficult person myself 😳 and had someone soften me up when I didn’t want to be helpful.

So I know what I teach works on both sides 😆.

I’ve mastered the art of working dynamics, listening to MY inner wisdom, creating boundaries I could enforce, and creating a space I felt free to be myself without anyone around me having to change a thing. 

Although a side effect of me showing up this way, inevitably means that people’s behaviours DO Change... (This is when you know that leading by example is in effect)

It’s what I call true freedom and emotional wealth for whatever workplace you’re in. 

Because we all know, to move up and to succeed you need to know how to handle all kinds of people, while keeping yourself grounded and taking care of your own core needs. 

You need to create value clearly & efficiently while not abandoning your own needs and boundaries. 

And let me tell you, not only is it possible but it’s a way of life that I can’t wait to share with you! 

It’s a subtle balance of being a totally worthy human (who knows how to own mistakes) while also being a badass simultaneously 🙌

And yes
YOU are both, every day of the week. And we are going to dive into the best parts of both. 

I do it simply, easily, with curiosity and love for the people. I instruct others how to treat me by leading the way myself.

I wouldn’t want to do this any other way. 

Everyone starts with zero experience & it’s the ones who master the skill and art forms of:


  • Creating value most efficiently (without working unsustainable hours)
  • Interacting gracefully and collaboratively with people of all kinds…
  • Those who don’t avoid important conversations…
  • Those who ask the important questions early on…

They are the ones that get the leadership positions, get the most accomplished, get the “blow your mind” results, stand out for the career-defining opportunities, and are the easiest and most fun to work with.

I’ve worked with many experienced smart educated, highly qualified professionals who can’t seem to get where they want to go.

They are smart and capable but without these skills, it’s much harder and people needlessly struggle for sometimes their whole career. 

This is for you if:

You’ve created a successful career and you’re in a role you love, you know your next step is to create the kind of impact that’s possible with the work weeks you crave.

Some of our conversations inside...

Natalie Fisher - Career Mindset Coach

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Time to Thrive Mastermind

Thriving On Your Terms

The Plan:

MONTH #1 Deciding Who You Get To Be

So many of us are going through life wishy-washy about what we want or what we get to have, and it starts with who we intentionally decide we want to be. 

What identity we want to choose to live and feel into.

Here are some examples of what some of my clients have decided:

Do you want to be someone who makes a certain amount of money per year & keeps increasing that amount by a certain amount yearly?

You decide the amount. It’s literally whatever you can get your energy behind. 

⚡ Do you want to be someone who creates energy and presence of leadership by example in your workplace?

Do you want to be someone who leaves on time because she knows she’s accomplished more than anyone else there has that day, by working smart?

Do you want to be someone who knows how to prioritize herself & because of that shows up in spades & over-delivers that way?

Do you want to be someone who doesn’t shy away from difficult conversations, but instead navigates them so well that they aren’t “difficult” anymore?

Do you want to be someone who no longer identifies as a “procrastinator” and takes care of things as they come in?

You get to choose.

This is your choice this is your life this is your decision. Let’s make it intentional and purposeful.

It all starts here with who the fuck you decide you are.

It is a decision.

Here’s mine:

👉🏻 I decide I get to be someone who thrives in my business doing work I love helping others who I love to thrive and increase their earning potential more than is “realistic” - THIS IS Now happening.

👉🏻 I decide I get to work with my best clients who support my work and appreciate being in my circle. - THIS IS Now happening.

👉🏻 I decide I get to get paid well for the work I do because it returns at least 10X the investment made. - THIS IS Now happening.

👉🏻 I decide I get to share my life as an example for everyone so that they can see how they can do it too. - THIS IS HAPPENING now.

👉🏻 I decide I get to create a schedule that works for me, I decide I decide I decide. - THIS IS Now happening.

And this is just the beginning.

This is how I’ve created it.

👉🏻 I decided this was who I intentionally decided this was who I was going to become before I had ANY OF IT in my reality.

What does it look like for you? 🤔

I can’t wait to dive into it with you & Create it!

MONTH #2 Deciding What You Get To Have

What we get to have is often blocked by external ideas and programming that we took on somewhere along the way that has sabotaged us.

What we get to have is not limited in this life, scarcity is a lie we were fed when we were kids.

The truth is there are plenty of resources and there is way more resourcefulness in your brain just waiting to be tapped into right now.

Sometimes we’ve been so used to taking care of everyone else we don’t even know what we want (let alone what we get to have)…

And sometimes there are other things that we fear.

A lot of times we don’t feel worthy or embarrassed to want what we want.

😞 Or we think having what we want will mean someone else suffers or is harmed, or we fear someone will be upset or mad at us, judge us etc.

😞 Or we don’t believe what we really want is possible for us.

😞 Or we are afraid getting what we want will come with a big sacrifice or a greater loss (of our time, energy of relationships).

😞 Or we’re subconsciously holding inefficient sentences in our head, that we are blind to but keep repeating.

The above can all be changed, re-decided, transformed, and re-wired.

We get to decide who we want to BE and What that person gets to have and create.

What would you like to have that you’ve wanted to have for a long time but either didn’t have the confidence or the belief to go after it?

That’s what the purpose of this is.

To give it time, space attention, what you focus on you get, what you focus on you can make successful and this is what we are laser-focused on for the next 6 months.

MONTH #3 Deciding How You Get To Live

Here’s my example:

We will create yours:

I get to live in flow, aligned, deciding what I want and going for it.

It gets to get easier and easier, the next steps get to be obvious to me. 

They get to work for me, and they will keep coming in until success is done.

I get to lock in what I want and trust that I am walking out the steps to making it happen — no turning back, no second-guessing myself, no mind-changing out of fear of it not happening.

It’s done, it’s done, it’s done.

I get to live this way, and so do you.

You get to live in an aligned, empowered, soul-aligned way of carrying out your desires & you get to do that repeatedly.

MONTH #4 Clearing Bullshit That’s In The way

Let’s be real, we’ll be clearing this each and every month, but the way I dive into it here is on a new level as you’ll be ready.

There will be bullshit in the way of where you’re going.

There is now. There will be in the future. That’s okay.

Clearing it regularly is a key part of this process.

I’ll be teaching you a process to clear it out regularly and self-coach on it yourself so that you feel empowered for whatever bullshit your brain is going to give you.

We clear the bullshit on the live weekly calls as we build your unique process.

This bullshit may be completely new to you, and you may have a lightbulb moment about it being there at all.

Or you may know it’s there and have been wanting to clear it for a while.

Either way, that’s what this is for.

We will be doing a lot of clearing so that your path forward can get completely clear for you to follow simply, easily, and obviously.

MONTH #5 Deciding What You’re Available For & What You’re Not

You get to choose what you’re available for and what you’re not.

This is my favorite thing.

I decided I was no longer available for lowball offers in my career.

I decided I was unavailable for people or groups that didn’t fully support my unrealistic goals.

I decided I was no longer available for staying quiet when I had something to say.

The key is I decide, and you get to as well.

Here are some other suggestions!

🙏🏻 You’re only available to people who respect and appreciate you.

🙏🏻 You can decide only to be available for mind-opening, strategic conversations that move your career forward.

🙏🏻 You can decide to only be available to people who respect your time and energy.

🙏🏻 You can decide to be available for ONLY the thing you want or something better.

In this module, we also dive into creating boundaries around your mind and your time.

MONTH #6 Solidifying Your Intentional Self-Concept

Self-concept is a term for HOW you SEE YOURSELF, which is then reflected out into the world and becomes what others see.

You can see yourself any way you want.

Others will grow to see you in that same way because that is what you will reflect outwardly.

You can see yourself as someone who ascends easily to your next levels, someone who creates success blueprints as you go that you can always look back on to create success again and again.

Knowing how to manage anything that gets in the way (because things do).

Becoming someone who is in the pattern of success (who doesn’t see setbacks as a problem) and creates forward movement through strategic decisions.


Unexpected condo flood, and a broken ankle, still hit my business goals.

Clients got even better results this month.

I was able to focus on what was important, still was able to take care of myself, and was able to manage, juggle & receive the support needed without having to overwork or put unhealthy pressure on myself.

I am someone who can receive with ease and flow and still decide that no matter what’s going on, I get to create the success I have set out to create.

Over and over again.

If you want to create maximum impact in your career, you get to decide who you want to be, and who you are.

Solidifying your self-concept is where we lock it in.

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This mastermind is for an intimate group of 5 wanting to advance not only in financial wealth but emotional wealth as well.

If you’re drawn in by either component, this will be for you.

If you resonate with what I’ve been sharing, and even if financial increases are not your goal, that’s totally fine.

If you desire to join, that desire is there for a reason, and you get to be the person who listens to it.

We will NOT be doing Job search coaching inside this program, that is for the Six-figure curriculum calls.

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Early bird enrollment ends July 28th.

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