Ep #166: Imperfect Action for Faster Results

Get Six Figure Job You Love and Thrive Natalie Fisher | Imperfect Action for Faster Results

If you’re somebody who knows yourself to be an achiever, who got good grades in school, who knows how to study and pass a test, today’s episode is for you because all those things that made you an amazing student could actually be slowing you down as you try to advance your career and land new opportunities. It’s time to focus on imperfect action for faster results.


If you find yourself thinking, ‘I need to get an A+ every time,’ and this thought motivates you to do great work, landing a premium role that you love requires you to fail along the way, and avoiding failure can stop you from even really trying. However, when you’re willing to take imperfect action, you get results a whole lot faster.


Tune in this week to discover why taking certifications and doing research isn’t what moves you toward landing a premium role that you love. I’m discussing how perfectionism slows you down as you search for new opportunities and showing you how to start getting comfortable with taking imperfect action in pursuit of faster results in creating new opportunities in your career.




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What You’ll Learn from this Episode:


  • Why you can’t avoid failure in the search for your premium role.
  • How we tend to react to failure and how to get clear on your thoughts about failing and being imperfect.
  • The real-world data you get from going to an interview but not landing the position.
  • Why putting yourself in uncomfortable situations is the key to personal growth.
  • How to embrace imperfect actions so you can get faster results.


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