If they really knew who you were... You'd be in such high demand... 😉

Want to land a role that’s a PERFECT MATCH

(& Pays you really well)?

If so you need to add more of your TRUE self into your interviews… Curious how?

I’ll show you how to enjoy being yourself, while identifying the BEST possible opportunities for you!

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It's not as hard as you think it is.

Changing industries
Making a big career jump into a new role
Changing organizations

It isn’t as black and white as we’re led to believe.

In fact what what if what we’ve taught has been wrong all along?

What if it isn’t just about your skills or experience? (WHAT!?) I hear you saying…

What if it’s LESS about that than we are led to believe.

For example, my partner and I (Who I believe are the PERFECT MATCH for each other, a story for later!)

Really don’t have much In common on the surface.

He likes Board games, the UFC and heavy metal concerts.
I like Pop music, Self-development events and Baking!
But when it comes down to the important stuff in life, and the things we both want, the direction we want our lives to go…

We are Completely on the same page!

And that’s all we need to Make THE BEST team.

Most people would say we have to have things in common for our relationship to work.

But obviously this isn't true!

It’s the same when you’re interviewing.
It’s the same when you are looking for the perfect organizational Match!

What it takes?

✅ It’s about meeting the Hiring manager and organization where you align on the big things!

Then the little things don’t matter much at all!

✅ You can be taught that stuff, As long as the big picture is in alignment for both of you!

✅ This is how great partnerships and great hires are made!

✅ The great news about this is it means you don’t need to go back and get 1000 certifications.

✅ It means you don’t need tons of free experience.

✅ You just need to KNOW who you are, and what you want.

& The impact and the value you want to add in the world.

If this is the reality you're after, it means your ready to join me inside this Exclusive Training Series!

But you probably still have some doubts and some questions like:

  • How can find organizations with Hiring Managers that will align and be a match for you?
  • How can you get into these positions when things are so competitive?
  • How can you convince them that you experience is worth while and applicable?
  • How can you do this without being rejected 100 times?
  • You know it's possible for others, you've even seen it done, but you still doubt it for yourself...

It’s time to Answer Those Questions - once & for all.

I’m going to show you a simple, lighter way That allows you to ENJOY being yourself without having to compromise what you truly want in your career.

Whether you want to move into a brand new industry or role, increase your salary, or land a new role in your current profession.

This is for you!

How to create demand for yourself as a top candidate

  • Even when switching industries
  • Even when you keep going on interviews but not getting the offers

THIS EXCLUSIVE 4 day training series will teach you how to value yourself and your unique desires and values into the new role that is the best possible match for you.


Knowing Who you are and what you want & What's actually required to get it

  • Dispelling the 3 myths of the things you think you need to be successful
  • Identifying red flags to avoid going from the frying pan into the fire
  • Empowered thinking vs. Needy desperate thinking
  • How to instantly shift the dynamic in the interview to create high demand for yourself as the top candidate


The Whole interviewing Method ™

I'll be giving you an insider view of my Whole interviewing Method ™ that has been proven by hundreds of job seekers like you to land QUALITY offers without having to compromise who you are and what you want.


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I'll be sharing with you the full process from start to finish when going from where you are to where you want to be in your new aligned, perfectly matched role, AT THE SALARY you want.


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