Ep #150: Catastrophizing vs. Bestifying

Get Six Figure Job You Love and Thrive Natalie Fisher | Catastrophizing vs. Bestifying

When we’re going after something new, we tend to catastrophize. The human brain is highly skilled when it comes to catastrophizing because we think it’s a strategy for managing risk and planning for the event that things go wrong. However, if we don’t do this strategically, our brains run off in a catastrophic spiral. That’s where what I’m calling bestifying comes in.


You get to choose how you think about the situation you’re in. Sometimes, looking for a new role in your career can feel scary, and it’s natural to expect the worst. However, when you can expect the best and decide anything that isn’t the best is happening for your benefit, you’ll be in a way better state to land a premium offer.


Tune in this week to discover how to stop catastrophizing and start bestifying as you search for your premium role. I’m showing you how to get in the habit of expecting the best and getting curious when the best doesn’t show up, so you can keep moving in pursuit of your dream role.


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What You’ll Learn from this Episode:


  • How to see the information that all of your thoughts and feelings are being filtered through.
  • Why it’s so easy for our brains to get caught in a place of catastrophizing.
  • How I caught my brain catastrophizing recently.
  • What it means to bestify.
  • Why even things you don’t like could be happening for your benefit.
  • How to start developing the habit of visualizing and living in the best-case scenario.

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