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The Six Figure Career Code Program


Ready to clarify your value, and get the six figure job you love in an organization that loves you?


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THIS 1:1 Coaching Program is for you if:


    • You’re making 50-70K (or more) in your current role (or you’ve been laid off & made this in your previous role) & you’re ready to uniquely communicate your value to learn how to level up into a 100k+ Role.
    • You’ve seen others with less than you doing it, and you’re ready to learn exactly how it’s done.
    • You’re someone who’s committed & takes action, (The process I take my clients through 100% works, when they work it)
    • You know you’re very good at what you do, & deserve far more credit & $$$
    • You know you want to take your career to the 100K + mark, you know it’s possible when you can confidently sell yourself in interviews & tell your stories while your true authentic self shines through.
    • You’re craving some personalized expertise support from someone who equally gets mindset and strategy working together in harmony.
    • You want to work with someone who cares about your career as much as you do.
    • You want to think bigger, but you also want the tangible step by step process you can follow all the way to your first day in your 100K + role.


Ciara went From terrified of interviewing to dream job in less than 3 months during the pandemic


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It’s not an accident that you’ve stumbled across my digital house 



  • There are thousands of hard-working people who could be making 100K + but don’t know how to communicate their value effectively through story or take the required steps forward to do it, even though it’s totally available to them.

Out of all those people you’re one of the few who actually came looking for answers.


  • Imagine what’s available through your own mindset shifts, your upgraded interviewing skills, & your ability to sell yourself confidently in all the ways.
  • Imagine what this means for your career now (in your next role) & for your earning potential from here on out!
  • You’ll stop feeling invisible, and under-valued, & become a leading professional with a high influence and impact in your organization, & in your field.







Heather went From no room to grow, being turned down for promotions repeatedly, To 2 competing ideal job offers + her current company negotiating with her to stay

Carine went From having massive self-doubt to a leadership role in Data Science, where she’s now hiring her own team

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You’ll finally see what it’s like to:



  • Walk into a (zoom) meeting where the team is waiting to hear what you have to say
  • Have them drop off brand new monitors and laptop at your house, need a standing desk? No problem they’ll send one right over.
  • Have the CEO come to you and ask you what YOU think.
  • Know you’re in place where you feel valued for you, and your brilliance is never questioned.
  • Be valued for your brain 🧠!


Joseph got a 30k Raise



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Sherry went From no job offers as a highly skilled IT professional, to two competing job offers negotiated for a government position



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This is waiting for you & more over the next 3 months of working together



  • But you have to put all best on you FIRST.
  • When you do, I’ll have your back.
  • It’s time to step up, stop playing small, stop making decisions out of fear, and become the next-level version of you know you were born to be.
  • It’s time for you to assert your brilliance, unapologetically brag about yourself & your accomplishments, so that the right amazing organization can see you.
  • They’ll be like “Where have you been! We’ve been waiting for you to show up!”

Dannetta went From a traumatic interview experience, fearing interviewers Judgements, to a “PERFECT interview score” from a top leader in her industry & Dream job offer as Assistant Principle!

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Bea went From under-paid & lacking confidence in a new country to highly paid Learning Engineer at North Western University

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