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So You’ve Got an Interview Coming Up?

Get Immediate access to The Updated Situational interview Guide containing over 50 MORE examples from a wide range of industries so that you can deliver your own stories with unshakable confidence and win your interviewers over in an hour or less! 

What You’ll Learn in This Guide:

  • The #1 mistake made by 90% of interview candidates when answering behavioural questions. This one mistake can guarantee you won’t be hired.
  • How to choose the right stories to tell in each situation so that you can keep the interviewers wanting more--even if you don’t have any good stories, or you have too many stories and can’t decide.
  • 2 psychological tactics “less experienced” candidates can use to make an interviewer ALWAYS choose them over a candidate who has a lot more years of experience.
  • The 3 things inexperienced candidates do that instantly tell an interviewer they are not confident enough for the job. This ruins their chances of being hired. (& what to do instead.)
  • How to craft a killer career story that stops your interviewer cold! Find the right trigger words that will pinch your interviewer and make her hang on your every word.
  • I read all the career books & bought all the courses. It wasn’t until I did this ONE THING that it all started to happen for me. I share the single most powerful thing you can do to connect with interviewers, and why almost no candidates do it. 

50 + examples from a difficult situation in a college door room to leading a team through a difficult change. 50 + examples are right here for you to get inspired! 


“Natalie, This Guide is brilliant! Thank you! I really appreciate you making this available. I do career coaching and often try to make these points with candidates, but you’ve put it together very nicely. It’s very pertinent to today’s market and expresses everything very clearly. I look forward to following your articles.”  

Marylou Ponzi Kay, MPK Associates

“I had just been laid off from work unexpectedly I had been trying to find work but always failing in interviews.  

I now have a job and is now currently working for a major financial company in the world! 

Natalie's guide has definitely helped me ace my Interview. The guide has a lot of questions and tips that are very useful in different questions that may arise during the course of your hiring process. It also makes you self-sufficient as it teaches you how to respond during interviews with the correct format. I will surely recommend this to anyone who wishes to land their dream job. I did, through this guide.”  

Jonathan Santos Finance

About Me

I’m Natalie Fisher, I teach professionals to build successful careers so that they never have to settle for less, while enjoying higher salaries and fulfilling work. Through my online programs you create a strategy that connects and attracts the right opportunities, gets you to ditch your fear of rejection and land multiple job offers.

— Natalie Fisher

Want to win over your interviewer in an hour or less? 

Looking to create winning career stories from scratch? Look no further. This guide is your secret weapon for your next interview that the other candidates will wish they had.