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3 Approaches to Breaking The Rules & Landing The Job

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What will you learn:

DAY #1 - Challenge the norms to create Certainty, Clarity & Focus

  • The 3 mind frames for success from the get-go
  • The framework that clarifies Exactly what you might be doing that hasn’t worked yet
  • The clear challenges and opportunities right now in our current economic landscape
  • How to Actually enjoy this part of your career & reap the benefits for life *YES new concept*

This is what happened last time

DAY #2 - Breaking the rules when Marketing & Selling yourself

  • The 4 reasons smart successful professionals aren't landing offers. (*Hint* It's not because of the market)
  • The rare way to present value that makes people feel your words & remember you long after the interview.
  • Why most people struggle to sell themselves, & how to be the exception to the rule.
  • The framework for solidifying your value in order to communicate it with maximum effectiveness (This is new)!

DAY #3 - Valuing & Positioning Yourself For The Salary You Want

  • The 2 keys to being paid your value & why most people aren’t
  • How to truly become the exception to the “Job search is a struggle” rule with the surprising way you can bust out of collective patterns
  • Why having this one thing is the hidden key to unlock the interview process, & (You have this no matter what your experience or education or background).
  • 3 mistakes most professionals make when they claim they’re “showing up as themselves”
  • Essential shifts you can make today to start seeing yourself in a different light & positioning yourself for higher-quality, higher paying opportunities

YES! Send me the replays please!

These are some of the comments from last time

WHAT OTHERS ARE SAYING about the six-figure curriculum 🤯

“Through the program, I was able to find an even better six-figure role which I’m really excited about & Aligns with who I am NOW as a person."

“I’d been trying to make this work for a really long time & I realized I needed some support, Career was very scary for me, I had a lot of self-doubt, and For the first full week I was part of the program It made me feel better about myself.

My fiance said in the end, I’m really glad that you did it and It really paid off”

Elyna Kim - Customer Operations

Greater Boston Area

In the end, they said: “WE want you here at this table when we’re making decisions about this organization.”

“I had great credentials, great background, wondering what I was doing wrong..

I used the program and started implementing it, and WOW there is so much good stuff in there I just got to work, I didn’t have time to sit around, my competition is out there getting career coaching and I went to work”

Rod Armstrong - CX & Operations Executive 

Georgia United States

“I increased my income by 20k and without the program, I wouldn’t have achieved that.”

“The first module is so valuable as it gets you in the right mindset, money was one of the biggest things I overcame, I negotiated for the first time..”

“Usually the science degree comes last when it comes to compensation, when I first approached you I didn’t think I could even attempt this compensation, Environmental sciences don’t make this kind of money. I’m happy to report that I’m in the top 10% of earners in my industry.“

Isa Valdez - Environmental Scientist

Arizona United States


To be clear these workshops will provide you with clarity with how to create a targeted laser focus & get your ideal role as fast as is possible for you.

Warning: Job offers may come in quickly after watching this experience 😉