Ep #204: 2 Types of Mentoring: Maximum Impact Series

Get Six Figure Job You Love and Thrive Natalie Fisher | 2 Types of Mentoring: Maximum Impact Series

Mentors and coaches have been incredibly helpful on my career journey. However, not all mentors and coaches are the same, and their methods of helping you can vary greatly. From my personal experience and what I’ve learned, I want to help you decipher what types of coaching will work best for your needs and how to find it.


There are two main types of mentoring or coaching I’ve discovered, and both can be amazing for helping you reach your career goals. Unfortunately, too many of us pay lots of money to work with a coach without realizing that the method they teach isn’t actually going to work for us.


Tune in this week to learn what these two types of mentoring are, how they might or might not work for you, and how I came to learn which type I needed most. I’m sharing some things to consider before paying for coaching, how to ensure the investment is right for you, and the type of coaching I offer my clients in my programs. If you’re thinking about hiring a mentor or coach to help with your career journey or any other aspect of your life, listen in!



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What You’ll Learn from this Episode:


  • The problem with thinking that hiring a coach will solve your problems.
  • Why your brain loves “proven step-by-step strategies” even though that might not be what you need.
  • The incredible impact mindset coaching can have on your results.
  • What I teach and how I coach in my programs.
  • Some things to consider before hiring a coach or mentor.

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