Your Job Search Process Is Broken – Here’s How To Fix It


The more you submit online job applications, the farther away you could be from landing your dream job. Spending your time filling out tedious online job applications could be setting your career up for failure.

By spending your time doing this, you could be missing out on the best opportunities out there because you don’t even know that they exist.

So the mistake that most people make, and you may be guilty of this too, is they believe that the more applications or the more resumes that they put out online through job boards or through company websites or whatever, then the more opportunities that they’re gonna get.

But that’s not case, because almost everyone is doing the same thing, and so there are thousands of applications coming through for the same jobs where there’s only one position to fill.

So, those odds are not very good.

So the thing is, there’s a way to get access to the roles that no one else is talking about yet.


By continuing to apply online, you’re actually missing out on other opportunities because you’re spending your time doing the same thing that everyone else is doing.

And I get why you may think this is the best way to go, because we never really stop the question the process and say, “Hey, this isn’t really working for me.”

So why do we keep doing it? And it’s just the way that it works.

A job gets posted, a ton of people apply, and in theory one candidate will get hired.

But the best candidate often doesn’t get hired.

The process is set up for the majority of people to fail.

And by continuing to waste your time applying for jobs online, you’re missing out on higher, more valuable opportunities that you probably are not even seeing.

The truth is, if applying online was the answer, then everyone who diligently kept sending out their resumes, kept posting them on the job boards, would land their dream role at their dream company.

But that’s not what’s happening at all.

In fact, by continuing to hang onto the belief that this is the best way to approach your job hunt, you could end up submitting hundreds of resumes with nothing to show for it for months or even years and still be wondering why you’re not having any success, not to mention what it does to your confidence levels and your motivation levels.

So how do you unlock the opportunities that no one else is looking for?

Well, you start by learning to create your own opportunities versus spending all your time trying to win a losing battle with online job applications.

50% of the applications are screened and don’t even reach a human.

So you need to start connecting with the right people, using the right messaging, who are in a position to help you move forward in your career.

So let me ask you, how many jobs do you think are filled by creating new opportunities?

Between 80 to 90%.

So do you really wanna continue to let a broken process keep you stuck and continue to submit resumes with little to no results, or do you wanna break free and finally learn how to be in charge of the opportunities that you can create for yourself and start a new job in an exciting, new, well-paying role much faster?

If that sounds good to you, my name is Natalie Fisher.

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