Your Experience Has Nothing To Do With What You’re Actually Capable Of


Believing that your experience is tied to what you’re capable of could be hurting your capacity to succeed in your career.

So, let me start with some truth for a second.

Experience has nothing to do with your capability.

Your experience level could be causing you to miss out on opportunities, and you may not even realize it.

Not for the reasons that you might think.

You see, the mistake that most people make, and you may be thinking this too, is that they think their lack of experience is directly tied to what they’re capable of, and without more experience or without more schooling or without more fill-in-the-blank,

They don’t stand a chance at landing, let alone being successful in the roles that they really want now, so they don’t even try.

And they can stay stagnant and stuck in mediocre positions for years,

Just thinking, “oh, I’ve gotta get in five years’ experience” before I can go for what I really want.

But the thing is, experience and capability are two completely separate things.

There are lots of inexperienced new professionals that are in roles that you could do right now, roles that you could easily excel in.

And the only difference between you and them is that they focus on their capabilities versus their limited experience.

And by focusing on your limitations instead of your capabilities, you’re going to keep yourself stuck, possibly for the rest of your life.

So I understand why you may be thinking in this way.

It’s a safe way to think.

It means that we don’t have to do anything scary or put ourselves out there to maybe fail.

But the problem is that it also keeps you working really, really hard but never taking the leaps that you need to grow towards what you want.

So, by staying stuck in this I don’t have enough experience mindset, it’s actually costing you money.

It’s costing you up to 10-20K in earning potential because you’re focusing on your limitations.

And as long as you’re focused on your limitations, you’ll never be able to reach a new level.

So, let me ask you this.

The truth is that if certain amount of years of experience or a certain amount of schooling or a certain amount of degrees were all it took, then everyone with five years’ experience on their resume or a degree would already be highly successful in their career in a job they loved, making the salary that they wanted.

In fact, by choosing to continue to focus on your limitations instead of what you’re really capable of, you’ll end up like too many others in mediocre position wondering what you did wrong, because you knew you could’ve done so much more.

So, how do you land a role that you’re not experienced for yet?

That’s the big question.

Well, you start by doing things differently to everyone else out there.

You start by deciding that you’re not gonna settle for less.

You start creating your own opportunities versus competing with the masses.

And when you start to take a different approach to finding your dream role and you start to create your own opportunities, you’ll start to see that your experience is a whole lot less important and you are now in a league of your own.

So let me ask you, do you really wanna continue to let your limitations decide what roles you can apply for and end up still working hard years later with potentially nothing to show for it?

Or do you wanna break free by stepping into what you know you’re capable of and deciding not to settle for less any longer?

I’m Natalie Fisher.

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