You’ll Never Be A Recruiter’s First Priority


Spending your time talking to recruiters could be the worst way to focus your time and energy when you’re looking for a dream role.

While you’re wasting your time with them, you could be missing out on much bigger opportunities without even knowing it.

Nothing against recruiters, (I’m friends with some of them)!

But I have to tell you the truth about them.


So you see the mistake that most people make, and you may be doing this, too, is that they think recruiters have your best interest in mind first, and that you are their first priority.

And that they’re gonna work hard to help you find the position that you want.

But the truth is that’s not the case.

Because every recruiter gets paid by the employer, they don’t get paid by you, the job hunter.

So you were never their first priority, and you never will be!

By spending your time talking to recruiters, and not building your own contacts, you’re giving up your power and putting it in their hands.

And by doing this, you’re severely limiting your opportunities.

SO I get why you may be thinking that recruiters are the answer, and they do talk a big game, they will tell you what you want to hear, and because of this it’s easy to believe them, and it’s easy to trust that you are their first priority, and that they really wanna help you first.

But you’ll start to see that they aren’t as interested in helping you as they may originally seem.

By choosing to continue to rely on recruiters for your future career opportunities, you’re wasting your valuable time that you could be focusing on lining up your own opportunities; landing your new dream job much faster than if you were waiting around for them to do the searching for you.

How do you get into these higher paying opportunities faster, without the help of recruiters?

Well, you start by creating your own blue ocean of opportunity.

So instead of being at the mercy of a recruiter who may or may not call you back, you need to start having conversations with high level people that will move your career forward, and skip the middleman.

That’s all recruiters really are.

And remember, they are going to put first the person, the company that’s paying them.

So let me ask you, do you really want to continue to let recruiters decide how successful your career is, by letting them decide what opportunities they bring or don’t bring to you?

Or do you want to break free by learning how to make money that you want, while thriving
in a fulfilling career that you love, and opening the doors for yourself?

I’m Natalie Fisher, I help new grads land their dream jobs right out of the gates.

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