Why You Keep Failing Job Interviews – Top 4 reasons

Why You Keep Failing Job Interviews - Top 4 reasons


Why You Keep Failing Job Interviews – Top 4 reasons


There are many reasons why people don’t get the job, even if they thought the interview went really well.


In this post, I will share the top 4 that I have personally seen in my experience.



And no one of the reasons is not because you smell.

So stay tuned!

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It really had nothing to do with you, there could be various unknown reasons for other things that they could not have controlled.




You didn’t have the exact right experience, sometimes it is just technical.

They could have loved you as a person but another candidate had more of the specific experience they needed, for example, they wanted someone who was an expert with Ruby on Rails (that is a programming language) and there was a time where my husband didn’t get a job he wanted because he wasn’t quite well versed enough in Ruby on rails.

The good news is if that is the specific reason and they can let you know that, then you can go back and brush up on those skills, get some courses, work on some projects and then come back to them with that experience if you really do want to work for that specific company you can then learn how to meet their needs and have a good chance of coming back and getting the job the second time.


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You didn’t make a strong impression, were forgettable, weak personality, too much like everyone else, not confident, you were too shy, not convincing enough.

They needed some more convincing.




They had concerns about fit. I.E. Their environment is very quiet and you may be a louder outgoing person, and they may be concerned that your personality wouldn’t be valued in a room of very quiet people.

Perhaps they worry that you would get bored and leave them. I had a colleague who was very friendly and he would always greet coworkers when he came in, sometimes he brought coffee and he wanted to engage in small talk.

When it was time for him to move onto a new job he ended up in a company where his mornings were quite different and he hated it. He would walk in, everyone had their heads down, they had headphones on.

He said good morning, and everyone ignored him. This made him feel disconnected and he didn’t enjoy the environment. This is a prime demonstration of the wrong fit.

If this was the case, if you didn’t get the job because you were not the right cultural fit, then trust me then it was for the best.


In conclusion


There you have it 4 reasons why you may not have been selected.

Now you are probably wondering what you can do about it, and what you need to do to succeed.

One thing that always puts you ahead of the game is to get yourself prepared to crush it by preparing strategically.

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I’ll see you next time and I can’t wait!


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