Why You Keep Failing Job Interviews & 3 Things You Can Do About It

Why You Keep Failing Job Interviews & 3 Things You Can Do About It 

Why You Keep Failing Job Interviews & 3 Things You Can Do About It


I have a lot of clients that come to me when they struggle to pass interviews, and in this post I’m going to cover 3 things that you can do to immediately make yourself feel better which will in turn make you show up better for your next interview and crush it!


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1. If you keep failing at job interviews There will be another post coming out in the future for Why You Keep Failing Job Interviews – Top 5 reasons.

You’ll see why it potentially doesn’t have to do with you at all, and if it does, in this post I’ll talk about 3 things you can do about it.


2. Do an interview debrief.


This is where you sit down with a pen and paper and just review what went well, and what didn’t go well.

What will you improve for next time and what will you keep doing?

Were there questions that triggered you, that you didn’t know the answer to?

That’s ok write them down and come up with the best answers for them for next time!


3. Ask for feedback.


It is important to understand that you may not receive the feedback you are looking for here, but if you do it can be worth so much to ask and the way you ask is hugely important.

You say something like this:


“Thanks for meeting with me, I enjoyed the chat and I totally understand you didn’t go forward with my application. In my commitment to be the best I can in my field I am always looking to better understand what I could be doing a better job at.

When interviewing I’d love to know what the reason was you decided not to continue with my application at this time? Please take a moment to let me know I would truly appreciate it.

P.S.I understand the easy answer may be that I wasn’t the right fit, or that you went in another direction, I would truly appreciate the specific reason and let me assure you that the only reason I am inquiring is for the sake or my personal growth.”

Now you may not get any reply, but this will give you the best chance you have of bringing to light anything that you could have changed or improved.


In conclusion


And there you have it 3 specific things you can do if you keep failing at interviews, and remember failure is part of this process.

You will not succeed every time, you’re not supposed to. It’s ok to learn, evolve and you do that by failing.

So how can you set yourself up for your next interview to be successful?

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