Why Being Fired Could Be The Greatest Thing Ever

Why Being Fired Could Be The Greatest Thing Ever

Why Being Fired Could Be The Greatest Thing Ever


In this post I am going to tell you exactly why being fired could be the greatest thing that ever happened to you OR it could be the absolute worst thing that ever happened to you.


The kicker is it really: Is your choice which one it is.


So stay tuned….

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Most people believe that getting fired is a bad thing… I understand why this seems that way initially, but thinking this way could majorly hurt your chances of getting another fired… however if being fired was a bad thing in every case, then everyone that got fired would be depressed with no money sitting at home feeling sorry for themselves… But the truth is many people who have been fired, go on to achieve even greater positions at even greater pay!

So let me explain the difference between the people who don’t do so well after being fired and the people that do even better….


Point #1 The people who don’t do so well have the following thoughts that they focus on after they are fired:


They look at the situation like this: “I am screwed, I have no job now, I will have no way to pay my bills, no one wants me, no one will hire me again, I can’t get a reference blah blah I’m not good enough etc. “


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Point #2 The people that do even better after being fired think to themselves in a different way They think thoughts like this:


I am free, I can do whatever I want now, I hated that job anyway, This is exactly the kick in the pants I needed to do what I really want to do, I’m no longer tied to that place, All those things that were stressing me out don’t matter anymore.


And whether you choose to look at it like the first person or the second person will completely control what you do next.


Because what you think about a situation controls how you feel about it, and what you feel about it controls what action you take and what results you get.

So the person thinking the first set of thoughts they probably aren’t going to do much because they will be feeling sad and down and out and those feelings will make them want to sit on the couch watch netflix and eat chips and dip.

If you are choosing to think in the second way, then you will probably be feeling excited and driven to do something different, and those thoughts will lead you get moving and start taking the actions you need to take.


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