What is your leadership style?


In this post we’ll answer the interview question: ‘What is your leadership style?’


In this post you’ll learn:


  • How to figure out what your leadership style is


  • How to answer the question

There are many different types of leadership styles, For example: Democratic, Autocratic etc.


Tell a story using the SARI formula (Situation/Action/Result/ Interesting features) that proves your leadership style is what you say it is:


If you said you had a democratic leadership style for example, your answer might sound along these lines:





I had to make a tough call on something and I wasn’t sure what the best course of action was yet.




I decided to have a meeting with the team and hash out their thoughts and ideas.




We didn’t get everyone to agree but we did get a majority vote and I think we made the right call due to the team’s input.


STEP 4: BONUS Interesting Features


I tend to ask the group before making final decisions, so if I get input from the group I like to hear what everyone has to say and then make the decision based on that. I think the team is a
great source of wisdom.


There you have it. How to answer What is your leadership style! you don’t have to answer it in the SARI formula, but I think that examples speak louder and are remembered way more than other types of answers.


Another thing you can do is go through a list of the different types of leadership styles and read up on them and then decide which one you are most like. Just google types of leadership styles.


A good leader will adapt their leadership style for each situation and each person so keep that in mind.


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Thanks for reading and I’ll see you next week right here in my little internet corner.


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