Waiting Until You Have “Enough” Experience To Go For What You Want, Could Be Costing You Thousands


Waiting Until You Have “Enough” Experience To Go For What You Want, Could Be Costing You Thousands


Waiting until you have “enough” experience, or until you finally check all the boxes on that job description could be causing you to fail in your career from the start.

And it could be keeping you stuck in a mediocre, lower-paid position for years of your life.

The mistake that so many new grads, people with less experience are making, and you may be making this, too, is that they think employers always know what they want and need 100% of the time, and that they would never entertain or consider anyone who didn’t match their exact requirements, so why even bother to try.

Have you ever thought that before?


But that’s not the case at all.

In fact, a lot of the times, employers actually do not know with 100% certainty what the final requirements are gonna be yet, but they know that they need to get something out there to start the process of bringing on someone to help them with a particular problem or set of business problems that they are experiencing right now.

So there are specific proven strategies for how to interview, and how to engage employers in a way that can show them that you are the right person to handle these things for them, even if you’re not the most experienced person in the room.
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By not seeing this, you’re limiting yourself to lower-paid, lower level positions


You already have massive amounts of competition for those positions anyway, and then people wonder why their job hunt is taking forever.

So some people it takes over 10 months, and you’re wondering why you’re working so hard, but aren’t making the progress that you want.

And I get why you might be thinking this way.

Society has taught us to be careful, not get our hopes up, be realistic.

So we’re conditioned to hold those thoughts and beliefs, and it’s easy to get stuck there.

And by not aiming higher now, you’re needlessly delaying your future, and needlessly staying stuck for potentially years.

Let me tell you this, there are under-qualified, inexperienced professionals right now doing jobs that you could do in your sleep, and getting paid a lot more than you are.

So how do they get there?


They simply made a decision to not wait, to not delay or put their dreams on hold for years while they gathered the required experience.

And any successful professional that you look at, they don’t wait until they have all the qualifications and the years of experience, because they know that by that point, the requirements will have changed, and they’ll never ever have every box checked.

So how do you get into those roles that you really want right now instead of waiting and delaying your future for years?

Well, you start by deciding, and you decide not to let your experience keep you stuck.

You decide that you don’t wanna delay your future any longer when you don’t have to.

You decide that today is the day you will start thinking bigger, and you decide to give yourself a real chance to succeed now without waiting for five plus years to get there.

So, let me ask you a question


Do you really want to stay stuck in a mediocre position with no room for growth for 5 – 10 years just so you can put in some extra time to get some experience on your resume, and then not even be guaranteed anything after you’re done that anyway?



Do you wanna step up to the plate right now?

It starts with a simple decision.

So which type of person are you?

Are you the type of person who will say no, “I need to wait to get my five years in first?” If that’s you, then I can’t help you. Good luck with that. You’ll stay stuck for at least five years.



Are you the type of person who has decided that they will not settle for less right now, they will not delay?

If that’s you, join me.

I can show how to get started.

I have a free guide that will help you.

You can instantly have it by clicking the link below:
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In This Guide You’ll Get:


  • The one misconception about networking that stops most people from advancing their careers


  • How to reach out to strangers who can really help you in your career path (without being needy, desperate or salesy)


  • How to get introductions to important people who can help you the most in your career


  • How to turn a one time quick chat into a long-term career advancing relationship


  • How to follow up effectively after the coffee chat or phone call


  • How to get important people to forward your resume or help you with getting a job interview


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And remember, the current system isn’t perfect, but you can outsmart it. I’m here to prove to you that you do have what it takes.


I’ll see you next time and I can’t wait!

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