Ep #200: The VCVC Writing Challenge

Get Six Figure Job You Love and Thrive Natalie Fisher | The VCVC Writing Challenge

I’ve spoken before about value creation, value communication, and The VCVC Method, and I’ve got some exciting news. I’m developing a whole writing challenge around The VCVC Method inside my program. This is available as a self-study challenge, but we’re also doing it live, so get in the program before it’s too late.


Even if you don’t plan on joining the challenge, today’s episode is super valuable. Creating new opportunities in your career means you need to create value and communicate that value in the most human ways, and this episode is here to help you think about how you can better communicate your own value.


Tune in this week to discover how the VCVC challenge will help you get the results you want in your career. I share how to communicate your value from the best energy possible, avoiding being pushy or icky, and you’ll learn how to get started communicating your value in a way that actually creates new opportunities.



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What You’ll Learn from this Episode:


  • Why you might be trying to communicate your value from an icky place.
  • A new way to think about communicating the value you have to offer.
  • How to avoid going into icky sales mode when communicating value.
  • A challenge to help you communicate your value as effectively as possible.
  • How the VCVC challenge will help you get the results you want in your career.


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